The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Transcending Fading Densities, Ancient Extraterrestrial Contact and Encoded Messages in the Dreamscape

Thanks to Lisa (Wolfke74) for the Image

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are progressing along your ascension paths wonderfully, and while doing so you are laying the energetic foundation for your further exposure to more pure realms of consciousness. Now that you have begun to learn through other Divine sources of energetic imprints and the power you hold through your various interactions with things which you leave your own energetic imprint on, it is time to build upon that foundation of knowledge, to let you know the significance of a cleansing, of a purging of sorts, of all of your subtle as well as your physical bodies.

This is a topic which was raised in the discussion that took place a few nights ago of your Earth time through this scribe, and we did indeed attend that ‘event’ so to speak. We in fact brought up the aspect of purging yourselves of all of your ties to and effects experienced from the lower dimensions. We brought it up because we knew that the energy behind such a message would lead our scribe as well as many of you to further question the importance of doing so, as while you know it is important for you to rid yourselves of the lower energies that have kept you binded to the lower dimensional experience, some of you do not understand fully just how powerful each and every action you commit are.

We notice a certain density that is still prevalent among many when it comes to giving up things that they have held closest to them whilst inhabiting the lower dimensions. You know on a mental level that what you are doing [when indulging in lower vibrational ties] is at least a little bit harmful and is exposing you to continued lower vibrations, and yet a part of you still feels comfy in the lower vibrations as well as with the sources that not only bring you to such vibrations, but that serve to keep you binded by drawing your energies away into a void of sorts, where your energies are continually fed to denser planes of existence and as such, you begin to integrate such densities, bring them through your own beings and manifest them as difficult and dense events and situations in your Life.

You are directly feeding a cycle of continued manipulation and usurping of your energies [when following this cycle]. Many have noticed the effects of purging themselves from lower dimensional, heavy densities such as heavy meats, tobacco, smoked cannabis and other mind altering substances, as well as alcohol and so many other vibrational bindings. One feels more free, much less heavy and much less binded [when cutting off lower dimensional ties] and one is able to find the energy and the youthfulness that in many cases had not been available since childhood when one experienced a more sustained connection with the higher realms that continued indulgence in lower vibrational things helped to cut one off completely from.

Do know dear souls, that you receive no judgment from us. You are currently undergoing the most difficult and challenging lessons that have been experienced in this Universe, and the issues we help to bring to Light that have many of you stumped are in fact, issues that are testing you on Master levels. While inhabiting the lower dimensions you are learning to become Masters and with each action committed in favor of the Light, in favor of experiencing the higher dimensions in ways that you have been kept back from, you are leaving an energy imprint of determination, of readiness and of willingness to truly, once and for all claim your right and want to exist in and as higher realms of consciousness.

As you are now realizing with the Life lessons you are being put through, the old is disappearing and being transmuted every single moment. We have watched many of you try to Live out the past in your own creative ways, and when the expression of how important it is to focus on the future and the Now rather than the past is needed, your guides in accordance with your Higher Self do funnel events through to you to be manifested, that may serve to help you choose the intended direction which is your ascension path, rather than the lower vibrational binding that one would be trying to feel and experience in this particular scenario.

Your guides are in no way interfering with your Divinely-sanctioned freewill, because you are still given the choice at all times as to which direction you wish to take yourself but with matters coming to a head physically and energetically, those parts of yourselves and of the lower dimensional realities are being energetically cleansed and transmuted at a Divinely rapid pace – at a pace that has never been obtained on Earth and on many other ascending planets.

The process of ascension is usually much slower than the ascension you are undergoing, and most ascensions are in fact personal ascensions to the higher realms as one realizes these planes of existence, existing with them right alongside their physical reality.

The personal ascension of any soul is usually [progressed] through realizing that the planes of thought, feeling and emotion are not planes which are physical in nature. The very feeling of these things are unlike anything to be felt in the physical, or in the lower dimensions however they may be established on such worlds. The majority of planets in your Universe do not have to deal with any type of attempted interference or control of their thoughts and emotions as well as of their opinions of what is ‘real’ and what isn’t because each and every soul is allowed to decide for themselves, without the constant judgment of an implemented and controlled society, what is true and what is false.

Many souls have discovered increasingly the realms of thought and the realms of feeling, and there have been many souls in your planets history who gained extensive knowledge of the higher realms and the planes of thought and feeling through lucid dreams and direct interaction with the astral realms of Earth. The types of souls doing this and their intentions in doing so have varied on your world, but trust us dear souls there have been many. Many a man have tapped into the ‘Source Field’ of all existence, and documented and brought forth the experiences they had.

Of course much of this news you are not exposed to, but this individual awakening of souls who shared what they learned with those around them has been happening for centuries. More recently, souls who do so on a wide level of exposure are usually threatened or forcibly departed from your physical sphere through murder, but the very most recent developments have served to show those in power on your world that they do not possess the power nor the right to continue to assassinate and threaten souls to fulfill their agendas.

In many cases, whole civilizations were gained access to and knowledge of these unseen realms, the unseen field of energy which inhabits the space of your lower dimensions and is in fact bringing through as well as manifesting the energies that Create your lower realties. You do not see these realms for wishes of freewill experience on your part.

Indeed, we of the higher realms choose to keep these higher realms out of your perception, but it is because of a wish for freewill experience from you that we do not make such realms visible until one is ascended, as for now many on your world and in the lower realms are still comfortable in their own little boxes, so to speak.

Some of these souls are called ignorant, unawakened, ‘sheeple’ and the like, but do know that while they remain blissfully unaware of what is transpiring and has transpired on your world, they are still Heavenly aspects of our Divine Creator who have been distorted and aligned to fit in with a denser reality of forgetfulness; a forgetfulness that is quite hard to pierce through and get away from.

Choosing the path of piercing your established gates of forgetfulness which serve to block your perception of the higher realms is in fact more difficult than remaining blissfully unaware. Even such souls who many deem unawakened have experienced the emotions and feelings of the higher realms and continue to on a daily basis; they simply experience and receive these energies through their own ego filters. You are all receiving the energies of the higher realms and distorting them through your own ego filters.

Many souls assume themselves to be ‘infallible’, and many have grown past the ego but growing past ego does not make your own ego-based third and fourth dimensional personality go away. You see dear souls, ego is not and has never been a bad thing. Your ego accompanied you through the lower dimensions, giving you an ’identity’ of sorts so that you could Create your own illusory personality, your own self to play around with and experience the lower dimensions through.

One would liken it to playing a character control-based simulation video game. Even while existing in your current egos, many of you like to Create further egos, further ‘people’ with different lives [on video games] that you can control and disappear into, and enjoy the time in the illusory land that you have complete control of. This is exactly what you desired in the higher realms, and so you Created the various templates for your various personalities and roles which you were to assume on Earth.

You roles and ego-based characters that you inhabited in each Life were and are based on the lessons you are meant to learn and grow from in such Life. If one has to go through lessons of finding Love over materiality for example, then they might be incarnated into a rich family and tested in such a Life by lessons that serve to give them the clear choice between their money and material possessions, and the slightly less distorted forms of Love that will see them exposed to further purities of Logos energy.

Again, you are always given a complete and total freewill choice as to any events that manifest in your Life and any direction you wish to take your Life in. The soul discussed could end up abusing their money and material possessions in that Life rather than valuing them and valuing Life while finding the higher energies in their less distorted forms, and when doing so the soul would have manifested karma that may see them inhabiting their next Life as a soul incarnated into a poorer family. This would come about so the soul could learn the lessons of value, lessons that they manifested the need to be shown to them.

We hope we have been able to help shed some Light on the role the energies that you manifest through your various interactions on Earth plays on your ascension processes.

Many ancient civilizations in your past were very concerned with the movement of energy and its effects on Life, and the fields of energy established in Gaia’s atmosphere as well as in the astral realms of the Sun were quite recognized by these souls. This is why you see many [ancient] monuments to ‘Sun Gods’ and the like, and it is true that some tribes made [human or otherwise] sacrifices that they perceived would help them gain an abundance of the energy coming from the Sun through their pyramids.

This occurred after the extraterrestrials or what many souls called ‘Gods’ left the surface of your Earth. The teachings of such ‘Gods’ as well as their Lighted energies began to fade away from memory, and this is why many ancient societies that were once so mighty, so big and populated, began to dim down into small tribes and villages.

The power of the energy flowing through the Earth and the Sun began to be forgotten, and as the souls of such societies were increasingly unable to find for themselves and manifest the energetic abundance they were learning to harness from the ‘Gods’ who taught them of such things, they began turning toward lower dimensional and at times, savage means as a desperate way to try to ‘bargain’ with the ‘Gods’ and gain access to the teachings that were began to be forgotten.

In many cases, a society was still flourishing wonderfully even decades after the ‘Gods’ [ETs] left, and in about a decade of your Earth time after the ‘Gods’ officially left most if not all of the advanced cultures they had been visiting, the first sacrifices began to such ‘Gods’ in hopes that they would come back and begin to teach the souls once again about the Life and reality-Creating energies of the Earth and the Sun.

Of course dear souls that is not how it works, and in fact the Lighted extraterrestrials who were visiting your Earth and later left (which happened many times) were driven further away from visiting the surface of Earth while such rituals and sacrifices were taking place, as the gruesome energies being manifested did not match their energies at all and would serve to bring them down and invade their spirit complexes with lower energies.

Many different types of extraterrestrials visited your world on many different occasions, both before and after the fall of Atlantis, and different groups of them had different intentions. There were extraterrestrials who came to your world not to pose as Gods, but to greet the citizens of the civilizations they were exposing themselves to with gifts of knowledge, of Love and of advanced technological means to harness and bring the abundance of the Earth and the abundance of the higher realms, the natural abundance, to the souls of said civilizations.

Earth as well as you all has been on many different types of cycles and timelines, and all of them are to converge and follow the Divinely-sanctioned plan for your ascension out of the lower realms. Even since the fall of Atlantis, some civilizations on your Earth whether they were advanced or not, have followed their own ascension-based cycles, which did not necessarily fit in with the overall ascension cycle of Earth wherein the Earth and all on Her surface who are ready undergo a rapid ascension in a short amount of the fading illusion of time.

Some civilizations however have in fact ascended collectively and as stated before, many individuals have ascended on their own as well. As an entire collective of people realize that they are not separate individuals who possess and know things that cannot possibly be felt or known by others but are in fact a united incarnate energy of Source, they discover for themselves on a collective and indeed, individual level this Oneness more and more, and this awakening occurs in the aforementioned stages.

They follow these cycles and when they prove to themselves and to each other that they are truly ready to be united in spirit and in Love, they all ascend together to discover that there are an infinite amount of souls existing as pure Source energy, as united spirit complexes who are composed of an infinite amount of souls.

Dearest souls, each and every one of you are transcending illusions that are again, considered legendary by many standards. You are transmuting energies that have been so dense and so prevalent for so very long on Earth, that the mere act of incarnating on Earth is considered a hero’s and [if one wishes to employ humor], a bit of a fool’s journey. We look upon each and every one of you incarnate on Earth as heroic, as you have sacrificed so very much of yourselves to be of service to the souls of Earth.

Even our scribe is experiencing fatigue as his energies have been quite drained form bringing through the energies of the higher realms so much, but he continues to insist on adding to this message. Each and every one of you feel within yourselves the inner drive to be of service to yourselves in spiritually helpful ways as well as to be of service to everybody else. You feel within you the drive to assist with the ascension of Earth, along with the ascension of each and every fellow soul around you who is performing such work and themselves ascending to newer and purer realms of consciousness and perception.

Know dear souls that your reward for each and every day and moment of hard work you have put in toward the ascension of Earth and Her peoples, will be rewarded and you are already beginning to reap the higher dimensional benefits of your continued interaction with the higher realms. Many of you are beginning to feel as if you are awakening out of a long-held stupor, and this is good for this is exactly what you are doing dear souls!

You are awakening from a stupor you have been comfortable in and convinced of for so many years, decades and centuries of your cherished yet fading concept of ‘time’. You are beginning to remember slowly the past and history of the Earth around you, as well as your own past and history and reasons you are incarnate on Earth where you are, experiencing the things you are experiencing.

You are beginning to realize the importance of keeping an established, sustained and continually-fed connection with the higher realms, and you’re perceiving the importance of not letting the energies of the lower, familiar realms invade your spirit complex and keep you confined in the illusory ‘realities’ of limitation.

You are unlimited spiritual beings. You are the Creator of your own reality and of a vast number of infinitely-expanding realties. As you’re exposed deep within yourself more, you’re exposed to the more pure dimensions of existence and Creation which exist deep within your spirit and body complexes.

The cloud-like white ray of energy you are seeing in the sky in many areas of your world that are serving to break up chemtrails and perform other types of pollution-clearing; this is the energy of Pure Love, in a slightly distorted form but serving very Lighted and pure purposes. You are all this energy; the pure energy of the higher realms who has chosen to temporarily distort one small, tiny section of the infinite oversoul that is you, into the energies and perceptual constraints of a third dimensional body.

You are given assistance through the realms of thought, and like many other sources we would strongly suggest paying attention to the dreams you are given. Messages are and will be encoded into your dreams for you to interpret, and only you will be able to decipher the codes you are given and the relevance of your dreams with your own Life experiences.

Each and every one of you who are reading our message are going to receive clues in your dreams tonight, as well as guidance on issues you have held very close and dear to your heart. We would recommend keeping your minds pure so you can receive these dreams as well as the energies and messages behind them in an undistorted way and in a way you can remember them as well as experience them.

Of course you are always experiencing dreams and other interactions in and with the higher realms, but for the most part your bodies and limited minds do not remember or perceive of such happenings. Oh dear souls, if you could only truly fathom just how tiny your limited bodies are when paired with the infinity of Creation – it will truly astonish you. Even still, you are the center of your Creation. While existing in realms so limited and so restricting of the higher realms, you are still Creating your reality and the events you are to experience. How is this, you ask? Because you are not constructed of the lower energies you currently inhabit.

Your bodies, your minds and egos are constructed of such lower dimensional material but your souls, the essence of your being is pure Source energy manifested in the exact image of our Heavenly Mother/Father Creator. You are the Creator, the manifestor of the energies which form your bodes, minds and egos, and you are constantly controlling this reality of yours directly from your bodies. You are growing more toward the energies and attractions of the higher realms, and as such you are discovering your increased ability to manifest something and have it appear on timelines that are merging increasingly, causing a speeding up of your perception of ‘time’ as well as the event you thought of to manifest faster.

Until our next communication we remind you to remind yourselves when you are feeling low or when you are feeling that you don’t have access to the energies of the higher realms and of Source, that you are this energy as well as the Creator of this energy in manifestation. You have access to the energies of the Divine at all times, it simply takes making the clear decision to turn away from ego and thank it for all it has brought you in the lower dimensions as you begin to transmute its continuing influence into a higher dimensional influence.

Do not let yourselves feel so harsh when you do not progress the way you wished to have on a certain issue. You are getting there dear souls, and regardless of how you get here you will be inhabiting these heavenly realms. For now, enjoy the exciting Lives you are experiencing, as the ascension of Earth is a massive event that is being looked upon by many other universes and realities, and you who are incarnated on Earth are considered nothing less than heroes and Angels, even while operating with lower dimensional perspectives. You will and are shedding these perspectives, with or without any type of outside source helping you.

This is what we have wanted to see dear souls, you all doing the personal work needed to see you progressing along your ascension paths in the easiest and least painful ways intended. Your freedom is before you dear souls, grasp it and radiate its energies through your spheres and to all around you. You all deserve dearly the freedom that you are growing into and that is being bestowed upon you.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.


  1. Thank you for this, Wes! 😀
    The mention of freewill… I’ve found it helpful in my journey of letting go, to understand that part of freewill may involve asking our Guides to do whatever is necessary to carry us onwards and upwards along our paths… For myself, this has helped me understand how some of my “less pleasant” experiences have been my choice also, in a sort of over-arching way… Much love and light and thanks to you!


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