Bill Wood-An Important Message!

Bill Wood
To all lightworkers and lightwarriors,

I am going to share with you some secrets today. That way everyone will know that I am, in fact, for real and that I am giving a 24 hour heads up on what is about to happen. I am happy to announce that ‘The Day’ that we have all been waiting for is here. That ‘Day’ is in fact an event. A simple act of free will in accordance with Universal Law that creates change throughout the world. I have long awaited this time but I had to wait for the time to be right and the sign to appear.

That sign appeared on January 25, 2012 when Salusa May…finally…spoke to me.

And this is how long that I have been waiting for that sign.
The cat’s name is Zeus. He’s an African Serval and a very important part to my mission. The car is a 2003 BMW M3 that was stock when we bought it and I heavily modified myself. Many answers will be forth coming in my interview tomorrow , Saturday February 4, 2012 at 5 pm PST on

I think that everyone will clearly understand the words that spoke back on July 3, 2011 and understand what has been occurring over the course of the past several months to bring about the change that I discuss in my posting. Unfortunately, the posting was largely ignored at time. It is now, however, more readily understood at this time by the human race. As you see towards the end of the posting, I spoke to Salusa directly for help and help has been continuously there for me since. It is now my understanding that it is time to move forward. I am asking you my brothers and sisters to come with me so I will reveal a piece of information to you before everyone else hears it in an effort to reenforce your faith of the coming times that have long been promised.

In the second interview/the livestream interview, I spoke out of practically no where of someone that I felt very connected to named Eva. I dont know exactly when in the interview I said it but it is pretty clear that I mentioned her. Realize that she contacted me after my first interview and we had only exchanged two emails at this point. I was extremely distracted with the events that were occurring in my life and only wanted to get to safety which I did immediately after the second interview. I only spoke with Eva after I reached my sanctuary here in ‘the land where peace began’. Eva is the mystery guest that will be appearing during my interview. She will stating that during that exact moment when I spoke of her during the interview, she was stating her love for me to her son openly. She will also be speaking of many other interesting events in her life that have led up to this time on the Earth. She has been just as driven by forces that neither of us completely understand. We do however feel very strongly. If you have any doubts about what is occurring on the planet right now, I strongly suggest you watch the interview tomorrow to determine mine and hers sincerity and our desire and ability to catalyze the changes that we have all been waiting for.

I will leave you, my brothers and sisters, with this note. With my understanding of Universal Law and the necessity of the free will of all of us, I have announced that I ask everyone that hears my message to donate a dollar to change the world. Please understand that this is not an effort to solicit money. As a matter of fact, I have already used most of the money that I have been given already to create a miracle. I haven’t used a dime for myself. The donation of the dollar is an act of free will that radiates throughout the universal and announces to our brothers and sisters not of this world that we are ready to accept the change that they offer us. Only then it can be given. The donation is only the easiest way for me to organize this change. If you truly can not contribute, simply email a heartfelt message to me of your desire for change and that will be just as well. On Saturday, I will be talking about some truly remarkable news. For most people on this planet, the announcement of this news will not come easy but I believe that the people that are drawn to this message thus far will be ready to hear it all and accept the truth of it.

So if you feel that you would like to participate in the change that I am proposing, please follow the link below and donate a single dollar. You may donate more if you wish knowing that it will all go to something beautiful but a dollar is all that is necessary. After you do, I will be speaking to those that do on Saturday and you will understand who you are and the simple tasks that you will be asked to complete to affect the changes that we have all, for so long, anticipated and have been promised. Most importantly, you will have renewed hope and knowledge that you were the first among the human race that chose change.

If you havent seen my interviews or want to understand more, here is my blog.

The donate button along with the explanation is there as well. I will tell everyone this as well. The donation idea is working. As a matter of fact, it is working very well and will continue to work even better after my next interview. I do, however, believe those of us that use Salusa’s words as guidance in our lives will be a critical part of the changes that I am about to proposal. Please follow your hearts and determine before Saturday’s interview if my message resonates with you. This is the change that we have all been asking for. The only question now is if you will support the changes.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you. Wish me courage for this next part of my journey.

Bill Brockbrader aka Bill Wood aka sinj1n

PS…here’s a fun link that explains whats happening in Earthly terms.


    • i forgot to mention, i love the first follower vids, i first received this one last may and sent it around to everyone i knew about once a week. sometimes it pays to be a follower 😉 those moves are pretty amazing too! hahah


  1. Guys, sorry for posting this. I have just learned from Laura Tyco that the above post isn’t accurate and comes from an impersonator.


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