Lucas – Message From The Guiding Spirits – 22 January 2012

We are your guiding spirits from the higher realms  you know us by our names.

(Lucas) I have connected to you  collectively  to give a message.

We  will give our message to all of you,  dear ones.

Dearly  beloved souls, we are the collective  guiding spirits giving you this message. As we  come to the Chinese New Year we want to speak to you about the your ascension process advancing. 

Our lives have been given wanted and unwanted changes these past months. Just see it as for the better of you and all of mankind.  The changes will give you windows of  opportunities to follow the new path finding the way of you inner ascension process. You seek ascension as if its was an apple to be bought in a store. You will not find the way as you seek outside yourselves dear ones.

You path is finding step by step the way to you heart centre that brings all your learning processes about you as you are together. As you succeed on your quest the flaming crystal stairs to  heaven you will find. You find guidance on your path from many beings and humans and us.  The question is not will you ascend but will you find the way on those stairs like the printings from the Dutch artist Escher. All is again a point of perspective and being unconditional love.

The maze of illusion and last to exonerate duality issues, foremost emotional issues have to be dealt with. You will see that what is pain turn into understanding. You will see that what is hate turns into being love.A long list of things can be added as you know to many opposites that need to be balanced out. There is only harmony in that what is not one or the other but Is. There is no need  following everyone’s path or stay with friends that have had their purpose.

It sounds egotistical at first. But you need to go further on your path and commit to that. Others need to go theirs. If your path follows a while together it is okay. But for the rest it is meet and greet and learn from and in the moment and go. You need no guru nor a teacher. You are the ones that are capable of all. Learning in between and growing in your light on your path. You can not choose wrongly as there is always the option to choose different again.

Try to follow your own path in understanding of the ultimate concept of unconditional love. As you do follow that path even when you fail once or thrice you will make it. We all will make it. Ascension is ours as our Gods Creators has decreed.We sent our loving thoughts to you all. Know the heavens will always be yours.

Thank you guiding spirits,

Love and Light,


(c) 2011 – Copyright of Lucas, all writings, channelings of Lucas only may be published, re-blogged and posted with the name and http:// link to the original article  and or blog mentioned in the article with name of the author/channeler Lucas.



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