Cycles of Completion: Using the Energy for Creation thru 2012!!

~Galactic Love Reporter Lisa Gawlas~

I have been saying for weeks now, that when Jupiter goes direct on Christmas day (Dec. 25th) that it would be pulling the new energy fields out of your very pores to sew the fields of Light in front of you.  Just because I say something, it doesn’t always mean I know what that looks like or how it affects us humans.  I get it from Spirit/Source and share it outwards in as much detail as my consciousness understands and my words allow.

I pray with all my words (smile) I can share in detail the reading I had done first thing yesterday morning.  It is so important for all of us to understand.  If I leave anyone even the slightest confused, please please ask a question here on the blog.  I promise I will reply.  Please bear with the super humble artwork I inserted here, but because I really feel a visual will help “get this” I did my best to create what I am about to talk about.

The very first, and only thing I had seen within the field of energy for the lady I had read for yesterday morning  was what I attempted to re-create in figure A.  A series of circles that got smaller and smaller as they reached from the sky down into her crown chakra.  At first I thought it was a funnel vortex of energy until I realized each circle was closed and did not connect to the circle just beneath it.

The information started to come in from spirit that she had fully and wonderfully completed everything she came into earth to accomplish in this phase of earth.  Each circle held an energy of creation (all those colored dots on the circles… in no particular order.)

I started to realize that the next thing she had to do, in order to connect these circles.. or cycles of completion (if you will) was to open up the energy thru application.  I heard the word “application” over and over again because I could see, as if I was watching a movie, what was happening.  I just couldn’t understand how.

I could see the energy of the very first circle, which spirit said is the most expanded thought you have within yourself.  The highest vibration of understanding that exists within your consciousness and now, it is her (our) responsibility to open up that package of energy – knowledge and apply it to life.  To give you an example from myself:

I now understand how incredibly important it is to create a landscape on earth to birth and work within the higher fields of energy (6D and above).  Thru all the readings in the last several months, this has been an important theme as well as desire in most people.  When we hold that thought as a knowing and energy is released within our consciousness that gives way to the next circle, it contains the energy of how to start the creation process within that desire.

Example… I ow feel with every ounce of my Being that Faywood will become that playgroud for our souls.  I have learned enough in my past efforts to understand what works and what doesn’t in not only creating that high vibration field, but the most important aspect… maintaining it.

As you start creating the energy in your life to fuel that next circle of knowledge coming down now as applied wisdom, it connects to the next circle of energy.  I think you can get the idea with these examples… that one flows into the next and activates it’s energy as you bring it into your life in a tangible way.  Application, application, application!!

So what I was able to see as she set free all the circles of energy that are now more like a funnel of continually moving energy, everything in that field of desire becomes clearer to see, understand, apply.  The energy itself is working with you to bring everything together… effortlessly.


Yes, I am shouting that very loudly.  I don’t want that super important point to be missed.

Look at it as the pure vortex of your soul linking directly to your brand new processors we are going to just call your brain.  This will not work in any way if the ego steps in.  It is not an ego agenda but the pure soul agenda.  The circles will go back together should your ego come into play…. fully breaking the energy and manifestation until the ego is back under co-operative control within you (us.)

As I sit here and ponder the amazing readings I have done since Jupiter went direct, I once again had to think of that amazing golden bridge of energy.  How does that come into play?  Well… ask and we do receive!!

That bridge is available to EVERYONE who has completed all of their cycles of energy here and take those completed cycles and apply it as tangible wisdom in the life you are now creating.  Again, not from the ego but from the pureness of the soul desire within.

Some have already gotten to that place within themselves that the energies we are stepping into in 2012 will already hold the golden bridge of creation.  Some have some tidying up to do within their lives.  Some have wonderful knowledge but now must apply it as wisdom and action.  We are all on our own evolutionary path, we are ALL moving forward, one way or another.

It is no wonder Archangel Michael had asked me over and over in December “how do you see yourself in 2012.”  My mind had no idea, my heart tho… man oh man did/does it know.  Passion.  Pure passion for the greater good is what creates the link up of the series of energies that truly is our birthright.  Application, even if it is just putting it all into a book for use as it all comes together, binds the energy together and quickens the process.

How do you know if you are really in your heart center as opposed to your ego place?  Let me be really careful with these words:

Actually, we are going to use an example of my own.  When I connect to faywood, I feel everyone who is there thru all time, everything that is there, every potential that arises from its energy field for the greater good of All.  I feel us working together, bringing out more and more of our own inner magic to use for the fields of creation.  I can see myself there… feel myself there, standing, pink energy flowing out in every direction.

With that said… I have no idea what I am “doing” because it doesn’t matter.  I am Being and putting into action thru the fields of energy, whatever is needed in that moment.  There is no identity at all, just a complete oneness in it all.

I am going to leave you with a message that Archangel Michael gave to me this week:  “Stay Focused, Time is on your side.”

I love you all so much, and am so excited for all that we have available to us for use!!
(((((HUGZ)))))) of tangible application to each of us!
Lisa Gawlas

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