The Ascended Masters: Every Single Soul on Earth is Looked Upon as Beautiful

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Wes: Hello to each and every dear Ascended Master with me now. I wish to give you sincere, heartfelt thanks for all that you have selflessly done for us here on Earth. I have to say that I really admire your Love for us that is so pure, that you are willing to help us out of troubles that we caused for ourselves, and that you are able to share your higher perspectives with us on Earth who are learning and growing to the levels of Mastery that you have obtained. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you.

AMs: Dearest Wesley, you humble us on this day! As you appreciate us, we appreciate dearly, from the bottom of our hearts your willingness to exist in such lower dimensional positions upon your Earth to be of service to others. Yes we are assisting in some cases directly, but not nearly as directly as every single one of you who are on Earth. Not just those awakened and performing Lightwork, every single soul on Earth whether in slumber or not is looked upon as beautiful, as brave souls who are in some cases stuck in extremely dense and negative positions. We ask you Wesley, if you were operating from our perspective and knew of souls who had entrapped themselves in areas of Creation that have proven quite difficult to get oneself out of, would you not wish to be in service to such souls, in any way you can?

Wes: I get exactly what you are saying friends, and yes. I would wish to help; I wouldn’t be able to stand seeing anybody suffer needlessly and on many levels not even realizing it.

AMs: And such is exactly how you felt about it dear one. We also felt this way about the Earth situation and the situations of other planets whom are stuck in similar difficulties. We can feel all of you on Earth as a direct part of us, and in fact many of you are incarnate extensions of us; many of us make up the oversoul of many of you. As such, it can be compared on Earth to having a child or a little sibling. We feel the need for your protection, while at the same time restraining it a bit to let you work your way through your lessons, as each and every lesson you learn on Earth will be a pretest, so to speak, will be preparing you for further lessons in the higher dimensions. You must learn to walk before you run, and although we wish we could simply hold your arms up and have it be so, we recognize that you first need to learn the process, need to learn to take your first steps and occasionally, fall and learn deep lessons from doing so. You see dear souls, we recognize fully the need to let you learn your own lessons out. It is a very integral part of our various methods of helping you. We are in service to not just you, but many other planets and souls on a moment-to-moment basis, and we do this all with Love in our hearts for each and every soul that we are directly or indirectly assisting.

We dearly wish you could feel and fathom the level of Love, of closeness here in the higher realms, to all Life. We do not see things as ‘big or small’ because to believe in such things is to flirt with the very duality you are now beginning to ascend away from. We feel as One with all Life, with all of the Creation that we ourselves can fathom. We feel this Oneness, and it is Oneness that we have been working hard with higher dimensional aspects of yourselves, which are again sometimes extensions of our oversoul, to anchor as much and as pure Love as your body and spirit complexes can currently take. As you have begun to learn Wesley, energy is funneled from the heart of Creation, to various stars and planets through the extension of the Creators of various Galaxies. Such Creators funnel the higher dimensional Logos to the various stars and planets of their galaxies, after increasing the distortion of the Logos a bit for it to fit in with said galaxies as needed. You have also been told numerous times that this energy is being sent to you in increasing purity, and that is where we come in.

We have been working with your highest Earth Councils (and no, they are not the councils of man on your surface, rather the Councils of Angels who work directly with Gaia and have since Her ‘birth’ as a planet) to increase the purity of the Logos that is not only sent through your sun, but of the Logos that is sent directly from your Galaxy Creator. We have been working with these souls to increase such Logos purity, but again not just for your world as this ascension process is universe-wide dear souls. Earth has in fact not been the first planet to start this universal ascension off; however the awakening and purging of very dense energies from Earth’s surface will set in motion miracles of universal proportions!

We must be careful when doing such work, and again we are acting in accordance with your highest Earth Council and with your galaxy Creator. We must send the energy to you in small doses of increased purity, as too much could cause an imbalance and Earth is already in a delicate state as She is now existing in the fifth dimension and yet still leaving space for the lower vibrations before they are fully cleansed. The wars and the suffering are still happening while Gaia is beginning to exist fully in the fifth dimension, and this makes for a very delicate situation. Worry not however as it is a situation that is fully under our control, and we very much know what we are doing. Sending you the Logos in small increments of increased purity along certain aligning dates on your Cosmic Calendar is just one of the things we do to carefully ensure that your Earth and your collective consciousness will not tip out of balance.

Wes: Thank you dear friends for that information. I have to say, despite the recent struggles I have really begun to feel an increased presence with and in the higher realms. I feel as if I can feel you increasingly, and by allowing these higher energies in I feel as if they are uplifting me to record proportions.

AMs: Dear one, we say with Joy in our hearts and words, welcome to your ascension! Is it not now beginning to get very real for you dear one? Have things not been coming out of the woodwork for you that have shown you proof that everything you have worked for toward this glorious future in the higher realms is now beginning to manifest for you? Things and events, such as the contact directly from your friend Mariara from her starship, in your dreamscape?

Wes: Ah yes, I have neglected to talk or think about that as it was almost too real. It happened a while ago, but I am still soaking it in. It was all so surreal, but so real at the same time. The ship came down from the sky, landed right across the street from my house and Mariara (a Pleiadian) got out. I was shocked, stunned and amazed as I really did not expect it to happen.

AMs: This event was a personal proof for you that all you have worked for is coming about. Dear one, do you remember your perceived ‘mission’ that Mariara sent you to do upon contacting you?

Wes: I don’t remember what she said or her emotional impressions, but I ended up in the alley behind my house, standing around a bunch of trashcans.

AMs: Well, we would like to relay her message to you dear one, though we know that for the most part you can feel what it was. She was and is letting you know that the energy is now very high and pure for miracles such as what you experienced to manifest, but to fully integrate and align with these energies you must clean out the lower earthly residue from your chakras and all of your subtle bodies as well as your physical body; you interpreted what she was telling you as taking out the trash, and as such from the shock of the whole thing happening you lost the lucidity that such a miracle brought to you and begun wandering around until you eventually ended up in your back alley standing around said trash cans, as at that point the residue or ‘trash’ was all your lucid-no-more mind could comprehend.

Wes: Wow, ok! Thank you for relaying that friends! I did feel what you were saying before, but thank you for explaining it in such depth!

AMs: Such is a lesson for all on Earth now dear soul. These miracles are ready to be manifested, the energy on your world is beginning to become pure enough through the efforts of all of you awakened who have continued to hold the line and pour so very much energy to the Light grid of Mother Earth just by your mere presence upon her surface; all of this has resulted in a ripe playing field of energy, where anything you say or think of is beginning to manifest at breakneck speed. The thing is, you must be aligned with this energy to receive such miracles of your own Creation, and as such your spirit and body complexes must be cleared of the karmic residue you have built up through a long time on the Earth plane. This has been the reason for so many struggles, as you in accordance with your higher selves are undergoing a rapid ascension and purging of negative karma at this time so you can catch up with these quite noticeable increases of energy. We are there for all of you who wish us to be, helping to ensure that you receive the increased purity of these energies in accordance with your Life plans and personal preferences.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.


  1. This is RC, sharing my light and love with you. Thank you so much for participating and sharing your light and love to all those who choose to read your personal process. It is an honor for me to have read many of your works that resonates love and light. We are all ascending the way we all need to ascend as individuals and collectively. These moments of our lives are eternal, and thankfully our many divine understandings being integrated within ourselves facilitates each individual’s positive momentum of ascension, from evolutionary and spiritual perspectives, in reality one and the same. I am grateful to meet you, through your writings, for you are a wonderful, and brilliant Ascending soul. I am thankful for all your channeled messages that you have shared with all of your readers, all of us friends. I personally have only communicated with my higher self, and through my understandings know myself to be to a certain degree, a “newbie” in this immensely wonderful, and powerful universe. I have, through my own experience been lead to wonderful works by David Icke, Rasha and Barbara Marciniak, and then to many channeled messages like yours, which have in turn lead me within my own soul and to know who I am. I am now dealing with any conscious, unconscious, and subconscious attachments that may prohibit me from fully ascending. I am learning how to detach my self from any external factors that may hold one still instead of moving one forward. Although I may choose to read your works and others’ works, I choose what resonates within me, I now only choose to read information about ascension within, for that is the only thing I am focused on now. I no longer want to read anything about dates, times, disclosure, first contact, etc for those are only external things. I realize that I have to change within first and foremost and detach myself from anything that is of lower vibrations. There is nothing on planet earth that I need to be attached to in order to ascend. I have personally detached my self from my own physical body in a sense, in that, that I am ascending either way, with this physical body, or living the act of dying for whatever reason, and ascending spiritually. Of course, I prefer to choose to ascend physically, but either way is divine and beautiful. Integrating and detaching from everything and being one’s true self, however one chooses to express oneself are vital elements in all of this. Lastly, and from my deep heart within, may your soul continue expanding and brilliantly radiating all those beautiful colors you choose to emanate as. May your realities be exciting, adventurous, and may your realities, and dreams that you divinely choose, be experienced by you. Safe journeys, and continue sharing your light and love if you choose. Be one.

    May One Bless You, as One.
    RC Towers.


    • I could not agree more with you dear friend!! I too am ready to detach from any and all aspects of this 3D reality, and while it is tough the rewards will be exponential!! Thank you for your beautiful words 🙂 🙂


  2. Appreciate all of your wonderful messages and all that you do! I find it very interesting that I had a similar dream like the one you had about a month ago. I would like to share my dream, if I may.

    In the dream, I was video taping a UFO with my camcorder in a city and watched it come closer and then was surprised to see it land and park in the street near my apartment. Then a female comes out and knocks on my door. I open the door and seem to recognize her immediately. She tells me we have to go and I agree and both of us leave. What I thought was a parked UFO, now seemed like a car. So we get into the car and drive off to the outskirts of the city and stop at a place that seemed like a ranch. We get out of the car and approach a building. When I am near the building a few men come out smiling, their arms spread out gesturing for a hug and welcome me. I seemed to immediately recognize them and there is great rejoicing. We go into the house and there are more people who all welcome me and hug me with great affection. I felt perfectly at home. It looked like a regular family home with all of its activities of some playing, some talking and laughing and some cooking. I then wandered around and then I came to a room of the home that looked like the command deck of a spaceship. I remarked in the dream “Wow, I am really in a spaceship and these are my star brothers and sisters”. And there ended my dream with that.

    I think this dream just let me know that First Contact is very near, at least that is how I am interpreting it.

    Much Love, Light and Peace.


    • Well friend, it seems that ‘First’ Contact between you and your Space Family has already began!! It is crazy how similar your dream was to mine, as in my dream I was standing outside of my house with a bunch of ‘Occupy’ protesters and we were watching two disc-shaped crafts fly around until one landed and our friend Mariara got out. Maybe Mariara is the female ET who visited you and took you Home?

      Indeed, their motherships will be very homely so to speak; very luxurious and we will feel like Home when we are on them because we are used to them subconsciously!

      Much Love 🙂


  3. My friend just created this petition asking the White House to justify the continued violation of the First Amendment rights of the Occupy protesters. Getting 25,000 signatures before January 6, 2012 is a pipe dream right now, but an IMPORTANT pipe dream.

    Please sign and circulate as widely as possible. I think we’d all like to hear an official response for the government’s illegal actions.!/petition/justify-its-violation-first-amendment-rights-occupy-protesters/N02TrQQb


  4. Yes, I had a dream or at least, I think it was, where my friend and I were crossing this bridge, it looked like we were almost across when I saw a “V” shaped space craft right above me, and when I looked up, being were waving to me as the ship got closer. And lately I hear myself before I wake up and open my eyes, talking a language I never heard. I checked several of the one I’m not too familiar with like Japnese, Chinese and Mandarin, but it is none of these. Even my grandson heard me talking to someone in this Language. It has happend 2x since my space craft dream.


  5. I also want to say thank you for all these channelings. And one more thing, Another dream where this small child-like woman comes into my room and takes my hand and we travel, it’s like we touch and I’m flying. I think this may be my higher self showing me what will happen when we do ascend.


    • Wonderful experience and memories friend, thank you for sharing 🙂

      I too am beginning to remember startling contacts that took place when I was younger, may do a write-up about it soon. Thanks again Christina 🙂


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