World-Bridger: My Truth about Channeled Messages and Dates Given

I agree with every last word spoken in this wonderful message, and honestly I could not have said it better myself. Whomever World-Bridger is, I sincerely appreciate his/her enlightening messages that preach looking within rather than without. I highly encourage you all to follow World-Bridger’s blog on the Galactic Free Press.

I personally don’t pay much attention to dates given in channeled messages, many I don’t connect with, some I do. One thing I know that is happening is things are on the move and much progress has been made. The energies the last couple years have been intense to say the least, this summer they went to another level, the clarity of intent and lack of many of the energies that used to hold us back is most welcome. The waves of Love have been wonderful and is unprecedented. There is most definitely is a major shift in progress, we are seeing it in the hearts of folk around the world, the air is abuzz with the anticipation.

IMHO anyone that continues to look outside their selves for someone to come out of the sky’s and save them is missing the mark on whats going on, I don’t understand why channeled messages would be giving exact dates, I believe that in many cases it is the channel’s own own hopes and desires influencing the message. I can forgive them, for I only accept that which resonates within me, all else is a grain of sand on the beach of hopes and dreams.

We must all have discernment, this is essential. I have always agreed with and hold on to belief that what we are waiting for will come like a thief in the night. Source likes it that way and chuckles at those that try to put it’s movements in a box or a timetable.

We must all remember that in truth our graduation and reunion has already happened in the place with no time where all time is happening at once.I know this not because what I have read or heard from others, it is what the Mother, myself and my family has shown me. I have been there, this is how I can tell that rest assured graduation day will be in our lifetime and it is good, the cycle of death and rebirth on this planet has/will come to an end.

Be still, go within and surrender to Love, ground your Love in the earth, proclaim your Love for Love, all Life and ride the waves of Love in the river of Life. If you want to have your own understanding of whats going on, you must do this. All the techs wont work unless you can do this. I have always said and I hold to this, that if you can do what I said you will open the door for your higherself to work through you and any techs needed will be done by the part of our self that know all, all we need to know. Be still, be still and know you are Love and loved.

Always ask for what you want, knowing it has already been given to you and give thanks! Always be thankful. There is no reason to look to channeled messages to do anything other than confirm your own walk or aid in your own internal journey. If we continue to look outside ourselves, it will be disappointing. This is my truth, hope it helps.

Much Love, Oneness ❤

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