Mother/Father God: 11~11~11 Energy Visions~ ~I see the God in You…I must see it in Me..~

11~11~11 Energy Visions~ ~I see the God in You…I must see it in Me..~


When you first meet me on the street you may not know my name….I am your reflection in the “Grand scheme of things”….you are me…..Just a reflection of what Grand is becoming to mean…A light, A truth,of Un~conditional love in action…..for what I give to you in those moments is me….Naked and Free, Gentle and Kind, honest as can be….Just A reflection of the miracles to come, the future we have all been dreaming of…this beautiful Love..connecting like notes of a beautifully written song….and its true we are heading for magical times….you and I…..Just a reflection to heal and to love…to leave all hearts open….and truth to flood the walls….We are a reflection no need to hide….its time to reveal all of our colors for we are all the light….Healing each other as we look into the eyes…the Windows of our souls is now being realized…we have chosen Love over fear…Just a reflection of the abundance beginning to giant rivers flooding into eternity…together and free….We see the Truth you and I of the brightest light from above….I see the God in You…I must see it in Me….


I had a Vision and its NOW COMING TRUE…… You are me and I am
you…..floating into the
depths of Eternity..Laughing and playing like children…are you
AWAKE?…Do you recognize me?…I am me and you are me…ONE with
everything, including the rocks and the trees…We are the Brightest
Light Earth has ever seen…sharing our Light, our Love, our
Laughter with each other giving
ourselves back to each other, as beautiful expressions that make up
the whole…The Game has now ended…time no longer
exists..this is OUR playground it now exists …We are free You and
Me….You are God I see it do you see me?….We are all ONE once
playing a game within a dream….that dual dream is now over….We
Awake…the Truth now to set US free….WE ARE BRILLIANT BEINGS OF
prevail out of the
depths of THE minds destruction and RETURN US ALL BACK into Grand
Light of PURE perfection, true beings of Heart that beat together as
ONE.. .bathing
in pure un~conditional love, peace, bliss, and Joy….for isn’t this
what we all have been desperatly WAITING for? RELEASE YOUR BONDAGE
AND RESTRAINTS OF THE “MIND” So we may all move together into the
Paradise that is truly ours…Beyond the skin is
where we are heading into the Crystal beings we are…Come with me to
the land of the free….I had a Vision and its ready to come into
existence for you and for me….It is no longer just a sleepy dream
its True Reality with only Love surrounding US….Lets take hands as
One Love and fly free into our New
Destiny a Land Grand with All Possibilities, TOGETHER IN PERFECT
HARMONY….unlimited…no rules or regulations. .FREE TO BE THE
service to the Light and Love on Planet Earth…



We Love you, and We
are In Love with all of you, for we are all One, So Stand UP and
claim Who you Truly are!  Love Mother and Father God Amon Ra

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