Steve Filkins – Magic Moment Made for Us (Poem for 11.11.11)

Magic Moment Made For Us
Poem by Steve Filkins for 11/11/11

Incense floating through the air
Still clouds; they look like fog
Tom Kenyon’s voice chant sounds so fair
Delicious like egg-nog

Went to a place called Military Park
Hugged every tree I could
And was I crazy? I think not
The feeling I got was good.

A sense of joy welled over me
‘Is that it?’ I exclaimed aloud
My High Self said, “Oh yes, of course”
With that I felt so proud!

“Remember times you felt like this?
When you composed a song…
You placed yourself in such great bliss
That nothing could go wrong…”

I think I understand the point
I thank all who attend
It is this thing I want to share
So all will comprehend

“Oh, that they will in their own time
Relax, and feel it now
For so the feeling of great joy
Reveals the great ‘and how!’”

Church sign says “Burying our Blessings”
Hit me like a ton of bricks,
“So true” I said in my own mind
We look for some great fix.

But there it is in front of us
Created on our own
The magic moment made for us
In tapestry well sewn.

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