11:11:11 gives birth to The New Body of Light


~11:11:11 gives birth to The New Body of Light ~

If you have not read my first sharing of this morning it is listed here: The Shift of Time and Energy This sharing is really a continuation of that sharing. This one is about our human light field our biology of Light.

I shifted my inner vision to my physical body laying in the bathtub… experiencing, bearing witness to the grandest of Light Shows earth had ever experienced The grandest because it as done with intention. Human hearts beating and breathing Love together. Embedding the new (which is not really new at all) energy as the pulse of earth.

I could feel my own heart beating as if it would beat right out of my chest. I felt the flow of lifes energy completely enter me from my right side, from foot to head and pushed it’s way out my left side. There was a circular motion to this Light infusion. My soul took up residence within my biology in this moment. I felt it. I felt it most intensly within my heart, but as fully from head to toe. Various parts of me twitched.. gently. As if taking turns in turning bits and pieces on… a gentle pulse of light.

I watched as the field of energy exhaled thru my entire left side, again from head to toe, changing the fabric, the very texture of my external field. My body took in my soul energy from the right (spiritual side) and created a new high resonance.. a new field of connection thru my left (physical life).

As I continued feeling the expansion of energy in my core energy… my body… my inner vision was trained on my legs and feet. I could see what should have been my veins and arteries pushing blood thru my body, instead it was a flow of varying light. Every tiny vein every large artery now a massive highway of light… continuously changing light.

As I bore witness to this event… my mind started to interpret what was happening. I was only shown my legs… mostly my feet and calves… calves are the foundation in which we live our life’s from. Feet are how we balance the structure of our life. I knew I was no longer the blood and bone that carried me into the bathtub, but now a field of Light, Living… walking in a whole new way in the fields of created reality.

I watched as the a merger take place… I felt it too. Strange to be in and out of a body at the same time. I knew, shortly after I met the one I refer to as “the keeper of the shambhala energies (or high grid)”, that he was an aspect of my own soul energy. All that we meet within meditation are individuation’s of your whole.

I watched as his blue / violet body became mine too. An amazing blend of human biology and something that keeps reminding me of the people in the movie Avatar. We blinked together… his eyes, my eyes.. one blended set of eyes witnessing… becoming the merger.

My heart beat so rapidly I thought it just may explode. I watched as the energy still flowing in from my right encircled my heart with a pure silver energy (silver, the highest vibration of earth energy). Sealing in its fate. Protecting.

I watched as the fabric of the universe embedded itself into my pores. Thready strings of light… fibrous in texture. I no longer felt separate from anything. At all. In that feeling… I was no longer in my bathtub witnessing… experiencing. I was now in the center of the cylinder of Light. I was the cylinder of Light.

I watched as my robotic legs reached to the ground, my robotic (looking) arms stretched up into the sky. All the fibers of life connect into the cylinder. And even that is inaccurate… it was the same energy. The fibers were as much me as I was it.

And then my view was panned back so I could see the whole scene. How odd to look at yourself in this way. My mind kicked in… there is no head. The reply that I felt back… a head only serves as an identity. There is no identity in this place. The ALL Is.

I was once again placed back into my bathtub and watched as my voice was completely changed in vibration… the infusion of a violet and blue energy resonance.

I was then taken to my brain. The neurons completely changed to match the frequency of the voice. The synapses and mylar (sp?) sheeths.. changed to the violet and blue frequency.

I was made aware of what was happening… only slightly, but enough to understand. I know for the next several months, as I connect and do readings… the fullness will present itself.

The crescendo happened at the end… the understanding…

In 2001 sitting at the meditation waterfall at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. center in VA Beach, I learned my soul name. It came flooding out of the waterfall by tremendous beings of light that called themselves “elementals: singing/chanting… sha-wah-nah over and over again. I later understood that was my soul name in spirit… and it meant “city of light”.

As I merged with my newness… I heard the new name being sung by that which has become me:


I laid on my bed the rest of the day…. twitching, feeling…expanding.

This morning, I thought about that octopus… where did it go?? It is there… high above.. out of sight, but fully aligned and active.

We now live and breath…Oneness.
With awe and wonder
Lisa Gawlas

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