Poseidon StarSoul through Neo Mi



My deepest greetings to you, children of light, and Brothers of the Federation. I come from my abysses, called by the instinct that has brought me to show me to you, to help you understand some points on the way, you’re looking for, in this life, and in these moments, your desires, appear to our eyes, like lights in the darkness, that we observe, for years, as if it is the garden, where we plant the seeds of light, we generate, when someone, us evokes, as you see you are us, and we are you, a relationship based on perfection, which is not false, is not illusion, but trust and believe.

Many of you continue to seek to understand, what is the purpose of this meditation, and when this goal, it will manifest, the journey is short, it is in your gratitude, but is no lack of interference, when you are in front of the steps that will lead you to what you’re looking for, they distract you, by leading you toward what that has nothing to do with , is really useful for your Ascension. The distractions, of which I speak, there are contexts, materials, and hatred, to which you are called to participate, it is your choice to participate or not, but if you decide to participate in these things, that arise from low energy , you too, you will be wrapped, of these low energies, which will prevent you to open your eyes, and then, to recognize, if you ascended or not.

As I hope will be clear, not everyone can ascend in the individual, but they will do it in one, the one is the recognition of something that belongs to everyone, so do not be surprised that if in the name of the Galactic Federation of Light, you can already consider ascended, whereas individuals who have already undertaken, the astral life of the ascended into, have certainly discovered, they are no longer human, but universal beings, who have great responsibilities, including the largest, is to defend their holy Name. You can not talk with those who had ascended, to advise, or adress points, but you can squeeze in a fraternal embrace, and rejoice together, the future certainly, of our desires.

My message is clear, and I want to be clear, do not be lead to hate! that is the way of perdition, let that be your Angels to protect you, and trust of their immense power, do not judge, what is does not you know, or that is presented to you, to whom incites hatred, because these people are not worthy of your light, meditating on what you do not like, you will take it to you, and it is certain that there will be no useful to find freedom.

Light to you, be enlightened with love and faith.

Italian: https://www.facebook.com/groups/86242629559/doc/10150435158749560/

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