Before the Third Dimension

Before our current and past Lives on Earth, before Earth even came to be, we were all Heavenly angelic beings. We were residing primarily in dimensions so much more pure than the one we are in now, and we were Godly beings whom created realities like the one we find ourselves in with a single thought. We created many universes upon universes, we layered our Creation with more and more Creation. We created to our Hearts desire as creating was and is a primary component of our conscious existence. We knew no boundaries; we were infinite. We existed in such Heavenly realms with our Mother/Father Creator, and every single moment of existence was nothing less than pure bliss and Harmony. As we created more and more, our Creations eventually layered to the point that they became dense.

As we continued to layer and pile on our creations, our desire to bring more and more levels of existence about resulted in awkward and strange places. We were creating dense realities, that were the natural lower responses to the higher echleons of Creation we were both existing in and creating. As our thoughts wavered to these strange realities we were creating, the urge to explore them grew among many of us. We only slightly knew of just how difficult it is to exist in these dense new realities, we only knew that we wanted a whole new experience; we wanted to experience Living and existing in a way we never had before.

Gradually, the call came out through many souls to experience the lower and dense realms we were creating. While so very many of us chose the evolutionary cycles from the lowest densities to the highest or what we called home, we did this because of lower dimensional feelings that were carried forth to us from the lower realities we were creating through our conscious exploration of all the we could create as godly beings. Many souls began to wonder if we were in fact equal to our Mother/Father God, or if our Supreme Creator was actually better than us; was actually more advanced than us, having Created the very fabric of our being and consciousness. We wondered if we would be able to explore the lower realms of Creation that were sending us these new strange emotions of seperation.

Gradually, groups of souls who were leading the ‘resistance’ against a Creator that they felt deceived many, challenged us to quite a difficult venture. They challenged us to undertake the lower realms of existence we were creating, because afterall why create a reality you are not going to explore? They convinced many souls that going through and coming out of the lower and denser planes of existence would prove that one was indeed aligned with our Mother/Father God, was indeed equal to our Supreme Creator. At this point, very many of us had worried and feared that we were indeed not equal to our Creator, and that concern was something that had touched our Creator deeply.

Knowing very little about the lower dimensions, we were all positive we would be able to take on this challenge and come out unscathed. There wasn’t a doubt in our minds that we would be able to enter dense planes of existence that we ourselves created, and come out golden. We were quite headstrong in this area, as again we knew very little about these lower planes, even though we created them. We had absolutely no idea just how difficult it would be to complete this assignment. But we were ready and willing, and the challenge of the lower dimensions was something we were quite excited about. We knew we would get through, reach the higher dimensions and reunite with our Supreme Creator, our Mother/Father God. The most important lesson we have and still are learning: we were never seperate from our Creator at all. We were never less than our Mother/Father God, and indeed we are completely equal to God, even in our third and fourth dimensional states.

With the closing of our final Ascension cycle, we are taking the next big leap in our evolution, in our reuniting with our Supreme Creator. I can say personally, our Mother/Father will be waiting with open and Loving arms to once again receive our presence.


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