The Great White Brotherhood through Fabio ‘Dell’ Aria

I would strongly suggest not paying any mind to the date dropped in this message from the Great White Brotherhood. Divine sources do not usually drop dates, and October 14 was supposed to be a date for mass landings to take place back in 2008. Safety concerns on the part of the GFL (that were totally legitimate in my opinion) caused the official ‘Resumed Contact’ to not yet happen. So if I were you I would pay no mind to the date mentioned here, but the rest of the message is wonderful. Thanks to Fabio ‘Dell’ Aria

Beloved Masters we are here as your Planetary Tutors, we are the Order of the Great White Brotherhood, and we are honored to be able to embrace you again using this new form of contact!

Our primary task on this Planet it’s the same of many incarnated souls but seen from a difference prospective.

We are Light Masters, and we share your same origins and of many others different heavenly beings, coordinating and overseeing many different evolutionary realities.

We are the Great White Brotherhood, we are a set of Heavenly Beings without sex (androgenic) or race because we are evolved in a Spiritual form and we play an advanguard role in support of your planetary evolution.

The humanity knows us for a long time, only that it has forgotten us so as it has forgotten of its origins.

It’s high time to return to Home, and you, the trailblazers, are the first ones who are stabilizing this new reality on the planet Earth.

Your idea about the Light Beings is only a linear and limited vision of the vastness  of what the Creation is able to do.

You see differently a physical being from a spiritual one and, from your point of view, it’s true because it’s so that your world works for you.

So you see a big difference from matter and spirit. What you can see and touch and what that, only someone, can feel. But also this perception, as many others, it’s about to change.

What do you think if would exist some purest spiritual beings that had maintained a some form of the physical body able to manifest itself in front of your eyes?

Would be incredible but so it.

There are more evolved Beings in the creation able to assume a “physical form” in your reality, and some others that increased the vibrations of the their physical bodies at the point to cannot be able to be seen.

Some of these great beings are your brothers of stellar seed and, finally, are ready to present themselves in your daily lives, anymore as a “strange” thing but as a new and objective reality.

There are the dearest Pleiadians brothers, from Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, Orion and many others races, all that wish to reunite to you so as had been from the start of human history.

They are eager to return now that game on the planet of free choice, has achieved its purpose.

The upcoming times are harbingers of great change, and the firsts “guided landings” will start from 14th October.

We are coming back to finish what that together we started from the ancient Lemurian times.

Here, are the points start to come together and you begin to show a larger picture, so we return to earth to take back the ancient glories.

Is not important how you will see we, because we are stars brothers so as you, both for the origin and lineage, we are your original family, and we are coming back to bring Home to the Earth planet, and to can finally re-embrace you after so long time.

You have played well, it is now high time to go home.

We greet you with joy in your heart for the next upcoming events.

The Great White Brotherhood

Channeled by Fabio Dell’Aria.



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