Steve Beckow- Acting As If

The force ranged behind us is greater than the force ranged for D-Day

When an athlete wants to build muscles, he or she lifts weights. They don’t take their weights with them onto the football or baseball field.  Lifting weights and playing sports are separate but related.

In the same way, sometimes we find that we need an activity to boost our efforts. I have a fairly good memory but not an active imagination. So when I want to “work out” in a spiritual or humanitarian field, rather than imagining, I act “as if” the situation I want is actually happening.

For many of us, we know NESARA is coming. We know Disclosure is coming. We know the dark is finished and the day of the Light will soon be here.  We could afford to sit back and wait for these events and they will surely come.

But if we want to develop our spiritual muscles, and make Ascension an easier passage than it might be otherwise, then one of the things I encourage us to do is to act “as if” that is not a sure bet, “as if” we actually need to work to have those inevitable things arise. This will build our spiritual muscles and aid whatever effort it is we turn our attention to.

Occupy Together is taking the cabal on. It’s providing us with a movement to pool our common effort and voices. Do we absolutely need Occupy Together to bring the cabal down? You and I know we do not. But I ask you to orient towards Occupy Together “as if” we do, so that we can add our voices and our efforts to this common rallying of the people and overthrow of the dark.

We will emerge from this time of severe economic and financial difficulty. NESARA is not far off and relief is on the way. But I urge you to act “as if” NESARA were not around the corner and help others – anyone you see around you – for what it does to build the spiritual muscle in us.

All of our campaigns – against GMO foods, chemtrails, pandemics, toxic vaccines, and pollution for instance – are already won. But I urge you to act “as if” they were not, to end them sooner and to build our spiritual muscle.

Take on this world’s unworkability “as if” it weren’t going to be utterly solved by the events ahead, to inspire the rest of society who don’t know what we know and to build our spiritual muscle. Take on the task of caring for those whom society has forgotten to bring the benefits of compassion to them that much sooner and to build our spiritual muscle.

Lord Krishna once said that he did not need to work, but, if he didn’t work, what kind of an example would he be setting for the common people. The same with us here. We know that we do not need to push and struggle for the benefits of the New Era that are just a few months away. But, if we are seen sitting back and doing nothing because of our beliefs, what kind of an example are we setting for others?

So let’s exert ourselves “as if” things were not set to turn around fairly quickly. Let’s set an example as a movement of what it looks like to bring about a world that works for everyone by our own efforts, even though we know we are supported by a larger and more powerful force than landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

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