Dreaming of Transformation

A few nights ago I had a vivid dream. I was at home, either upstairs or outside, and I could feel a strong presence of ascended beings. Though I could not see them, I could feel very intensly that they were there with me. The feel of the atmosphere of the dream, the theme if you will seemed to be that immense change was about to be implemented, seemingly out of nowhere. Now, before I go any further I should explain that the area I live in is sort of void of nature; there are parks and beautiful nature around this area but there is no nature within walking distance. It is a bit of an urban area that I live in, and if one wishes to be out in nature it requires a drive which I have no gas for. So I have sort of always wished that there was more accessible nature around here, the area I live in.

Now, back to the dream. All of the members of the house I live in with my girlfriend were with us, though they couldn’t seem to feel the presence of ascended guides that I could. I began to feel as if the guides who’s presence I was feeling were beginning to chat with me. They were telling me something, though I can not quite remember what. Again, the theme of this dream was that massive changes were about to be implemented. As I walked outside, something wonderful began to happen. A transformation of mass proportions occured right before our eyes, and it happened in the blink of an eye. In an instant, the urban area I am used to transformed to a wonderful area of nature. There were fields of grass and beautiful trees everywhere, and though the houses on my street stayed put, all around these houses flourised wonderful and beautiful nature. It was a dream come true for me!

With my girlfriend and my child, we began running around these fields, celebrating and enjoying our newfound freedom. I also distincly remember the feeling of the old being gone, a theme that I think is occuring in real-time with the shutting off of our electricity. As I write that last sentence I am getting a 44 synchronocity on the clock. As mentioned above, I also remember the presence of my spiritual guides, most noticeably my guide babajij. I almost felt as if dear babajij was one of the main guides of mine helping to orchestrate this new reality we were finding ourselves in, and was also one of the souls celebrating with us. This dream was very important to me and is the main reason I am not fearing our power being shut off. In the dream, though the houses were still standing it was made clear that there was nothing left of the old world we were used to. We were to now exist in this new world, this world filled with nature that we were enjoying so much. I say bring it on!!

Since having this dream, things around my house and my neighborhood have been feeling different. It almost seems as if I can feel the reality I experienced in this dream, anchoring into our own reality. One day as I was walking down the road and using the violet flame to anchor mass amounts of Love to Gaia’s surface, for a brief second I almost saw this reality. Even as I type this, in my astral planes I am exploring the reality I witnessed in the dream, and I can feel very deeply the new reality anchoring in to our own. It is quite a wonderful feeling to have dear friends.

I have gotten dreams with similar messages before, but this dream was the most intense, most happy and enlightening. I would like to thank all of my guides that were there, including my guide babajij. It is clear to me what direction we are going, and I am excited to see it manifest!!


  1. …”Here Comes the Sun. And it’s Alright”…George Harrison…Synchronicity Abounds!!!…as i Opened Up this Post, i have “George Harrison: Living in the Material World, Part 2” on the HBO channel on…:)…As these Proceeding Days Play-In & Out, the Off will Turn On…remember to Light a Candle, for Our Higher Selves,rawanderer…Thank You for Sharing/Posting this DreamScape Experience…a SignPost…EveryThing is Fitting into place…Much Regards 2 Ya!…;)


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