Eradicating Complacency and Moving Ahead

Beyond our visible sense of reality, marvelous and breathtaking realms await us. These realms contain many beings that know us quite well, and that guide us in our everyday journeys in this difficult place we call Earth. With our ascension in full swing, we are beginning to perceive and have contact with these realms as well as the ascended souls that inhabit them, and the souls of these realms are doing everything they can to see that we make it back Home to them as easily as possible. It only takes saying stop to our physical reality, to our constantly running minds for one second for us to be able to calm down and feel the vibes of the lands and beings I am speaking of here. It only takes for a short time, letting oneself slow down and feel oneself as well as all around you, as once we do this we will begin to feel the thinning of the veils that have been put up between our physical reality and the ascended realms and beings we used to know very well.

The illusion, or rather we within the illusion, have put up many barriers between our conscious realization of the thinning of these veils and what we experience at all times. We have constructed addictions and lower forms of BEing to distract us from the immediate reality that is our perception of higher realms of knowing, of Living. These lower ways of BEing serve to put up a blockade within the blockade so to speak, a blockade from the veils that used to be so thick, but that are now thinning. If we could truly see how thin our perceptive veils have gotten, we would whisk away in a second those third dimensional things that block our knowing of this truth. We would spend all of our ‘time’ in meditation and in contemplation of these new realities, and we would be constantly basking in the increasing glow of the higher realms. But for the most part, many of us do not yet realize the implications of our developing ascension. We do not yet realize that new realities are ‘beginning’ to exist right alongside our own, and that we are developing a crystalline Light Body.

Instead, many souls wish to stay in their ‘boxes’ of illusion where they are comfortable. Even souls who are awakening may choose to keep their focus on Disclosure and Resumed Contact rather than our ascension. Many of you may think, when the extraterrestrials show up and begin to educate us on ascension, then I will believe it is real. Then I will know for sure. Unfortunately, to carry this belief is to carry doubt in your mind and in your Heart, and doubt will take you nowhere. Doubt will keep you in your perceptive box, and will forever keep you down until you find the existing courage in your Heart to let go of said doubt. Until this is done, one’s perception of illusion will continue to put up barriers that block one’s realization of the higher realms that are beginning to anchor into our New Earth. Complacency is one trait that will serve to keep the barriers up.

Complacency is how many groups such as the illuminati were able to take control of our world. Many people saw and knew of the injustices that were beginning to occur, and simply let it be. Many thought, what my government is doing doesn’t directly affect me, why should I care? And many continued to think this until the unfair actions of governments around the world started affecting them. Nearly nobody cared, until the problems hit them, until it got personal. That is when complaceny dissapears, and is replaced by bickering and complaining. How could they do this to us? Where do those mother#%#$ get off treating us like this? When it could have been prevented in the first place, by simply caring about what was happening to the world you Live in. I exaggerate not when I say that nearly every problem we are experiencing today with governments and ‘private’ industries and banks could have never come about had we simply paid attention, had we simply thrown complacency out the door and cared. Finally, many souls are learning this and are standing up for themselves. Not a moment too soon!

Learning to eradicate complacency on the world stage is one step of our learning and growing. When it comes to our ascension and letting ourselves feel the thinning of the veils, we must eradicate complacency in our own Lives. We must look at the lower habits we daily immerse ourselves in, and realize the need to transmute those patterns. Sure, plenty of people may be happy with partaking in the same addictions to television, video games, drugs and such even while knowing about ascension and spirituality, but I ask you now do these things really aid you, or do they serve to block your awareness? For some this can be a difficult concept to put forth, as we humans are so very used to being completely grounded in our ways, and this trait again goes with complacency. We are collectively growing out of complacency, and the next step is to realize those areas of our personal Lives where complacency is common, where we would rather not examine ourselves and make the neccessary changes for our growth. It is and will be a challenge, but it is just one of numerous difficult challenges we hungrily and excitedly signed up for before coming to Earth! You can do it, and you know you can.

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