David Wilcock is Now on Huffington Post

Hello friends. It gives me joy to let you know that David Wilcock is now taking his work to a mainstream source, The Huffington Post. I am glad that the mainstream is now starting to take New Age matters seriously, and David Wilcock is quite an ‘authority’ on the subject. His new book, The Source Field Investigations, is also out now for order. I don’t have the link to buy it here, but zip on over to his site (http://www.divinecosmos.com) where there are numerous links to buy. I haven’t read the book as I can’t afford it right now, but it is sure to be a wonderful read packed with science and spirit merged together into one great peice of information.

Here is the link to David’s Huffington Post blog:


David Wilcock’s website is what started my spiritual journey, my quest for truth, and I have been one of his supporters for quite a long time. He is a wonderful soul whom is getting spiritual truth out into the mainstream perception, which is no easy feat. I encourage all to give him your support!

Also, I strongly encourage you check out the Law Of One books. They are a series of communications with the ascended memory complex known as RA, whom both David Wilcock, myself, and I’m sure many of you have genetic and spiritual ties to. The link to the books can be found on the side of my blog. Much Love, Wes Annac 🙂

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