The Ascended Masters- “With the Attaining of Balance Comes True Spiritual Clarity”

(Note, in this message a soul known as Solara An-Ra is discussed. Initially when Solara An-Ra was mentioned, I assumed they were speaking of an ascended being. As it turns out, they were, but they were speaking of an ascended being currently incarnate on Earth, who on the internet is known as Solara An-Ra. I will link to her youtube page) 

-Hello friends. While normally I scribe what our ascended friends have to say, I have decided to go a different way and ask them questions. It was agreed unanimously that this was the best way for me to communicate with our ascended friends, and we give this message to all in Love.-

Wes: My dear Ascended Masters and friends, I call upon you now in these late hours. I wish to have a discussion with you, and connect to your brilliant and Divine energy.

Ascended Masters: Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! Dear Wesley, we are happy to be speaking with you in this format, that of you communicating actively. While we enjoy relaying messages through you, as you have discovered we much prefer you be an active participant, rather than a scribe. We are here at all times, and offer our Love, support and guidance to all who wish it. Now, what would you like to discuss dear soul?

Wes: My dear friends, I would like to know some of the many things that could be done to make this process of ascension easier.

AMs: Well, you have been putting in place many of the disciplines and thorough patterns that will lead you to an easy victory. There is so much that can be done to assist in this transition, to make it easier. The most important thing is to take some quiet time, in any way that is most comfortable to you. Whether it is going out and taking a walk in the beautiful night air, or simply turning off the tv or other forms of illusory distraction that keep your mind too busy and occupied to simply slow down and let Divinty take form in you once again. Exercise is always a good thing to do, as it keeps your blood flowing and it gets your body going, also it helps you to gain clarity. Drinking plenty of water will be of great assistance to you, as water is a creation of Love that is meant to not only heal the body, but to heal the Mind and Spirit as well. Another one of the best things to do is to stay away from destructive habits, and as you have come to learn there is a fine line between regular controlled use of something, and random uncontrolled use that suggests addiction. Any addiction to anything is unhealthy, and keeps your energy in a sort of knotted state, unable to flow through because of this boundary that has been put up, known as the addiction. The biggest factor is simply realizing if an addiction has gotten too out of hand, and being able to surpass one’s ego self and move past said issue. Obvioulsy, staying centered or at least making the effort to stay centered at all times is the absolute best thing one can do for oneself. When one becomes centered after being out of balance, they begin to realize the true illusion they had been immersing themselves in. Once balance is attained, true spirutal clarity comes back, and it becomes much easier to enact disciplines that will ultimitely lead to a greater happiness and clarity.

Wes: Ok, I understand. Some people may feel distant when it comes to enacting certain disciplines, or like they would never be able to attain such levels of control over themselves. Would you care to elaborate on this?

AMs: Dear one, think of what you just said to us. If you could understand this matter from our perspective, you would see how alien it is to us that anybody would think they could not control themselves, or their own actions. It is much easier than you think to control your ego voice, as you have learned lately. While these challenges feel very real at the moment, once you have ascended past these lessons you will realize how hollow the illusions you put up really were. To any out there who feel these disciplines are too big for them, know that you will get there on your own, in your own time. It is not expected to occur overnight, but the progress you have achieved already is enough to marvel at, and enough to reassure you that you are a very powerful divine being who is now whisking through these lessons at a faster speed than ever before!

Wes: Ok, understood. Truly deep down there is nothing too big for us to achieve, as we are beings of creation at a level past that of the illusion.

AMs: Exactly dear one!

Wes: Ok. Now, a good friend of mine has been speaking with his guides about celebration. I have to say that those particular messages have really hit home for me, and I have been inspired by this friend and his guides to celebrate as much as I can. Would you care to elaborate on the subject of celebration and being thankful for Life?

AMs: Dear one, you already have (elaborated) quite a bit, now havent you?

Wes: Yes, I suppose I have. Still, it is something I feel needs to get out in these times, to simply be happy and celebrate. I would like to know your collective perspective on it, if you would.

AMs: Absolutely friend. First off, we can say that many if not all of your friends guides, guide you every day as well, even though you only recognize them by name rarely. As you have found out, we can tell you that you have close ties with Solara An-Ra, and have been drawn to many on this Earth that are from the social memory complex that is RA. You are actually speaking with many of us from RA at present. Now, on the subject of celebration. Your friend and his guides are very correct on this, every day, every moment is a reason to be in celebration! Even moreso for those on Earth and every planet in Earth’s solar system, as this is such a joyus time to be in with your universal ascension in acceleration mode! In everything you do, find the good. Even if you find yourself in what you would label a bad situation, make the point of going out of your way to remedy the situation by discovering every little thing about it that is good. For example, say you are stuck at a red light, and it’s very hot and you are growing impatient. We use this as an example as we know you have been in this situation many times, dear Wesley. Now, instead of focusing on how hot it is out, or how long it seems to take for your light to change, look up into the sky, at the beautiful clouds and rays of Light healing energy. Notice some of the bulkier, yet more round clouds that are so big in your sky, and wonder if there is anything to their genetic form other than water vapor. Questioning everything for the fun of it will find you discovering much and will set you on a course of questioning, which will of course bring you more and more knowledge. After being so caught up in this wonderful thinking, you may have not even noticed that your light turned green seconds ago!

Wes: Thank you dearly for the information friends.  Having all of this knowledge and knowing the Joy of Life for what it is has saved my soul. I thank you all so dearly, and I have to say I have quite enjoyed this new method of communication between us.

AMs: We have enjoyed it very dearly as well. It is noticed by many up here that with this format you are getting much clearer messages from us, though this also has much to do with the time of day. The evening, night and early morning hours are the best for making telepathic contact, as the deeper you go into night the more unawakened that are in their beds, and not influencing the collective consciouness enough to cause the ‘blur’ that is sometimes felt by those wishing to channel us and other beings in the middle of the day. You will come to find that the transitions that you refer to as night and day are very important in your cycles of growth.

Wes: I see. That is very interesting to know. Thank you dearly for communicating with me, I am now to read this message a few times in a row to really ‘soak it in’.

AMs: Absolutely dear one! It is best to get the full grasp of our messages, and this is best attained by reading the message over a couple times, as the one you call SaLuSa has told your friend. Just know that we are always here and ever ready to communicate, even when you think we are not with you, you would be surprised as to the actual number of angelic beings surrounding you at all times.

-I would like to thank our ascended friends for sharing their advanced perspectives. Much Love, Wes-

Solara An-Ra:


  1. Dear
    I am Heaven.
    I write this message by borrowing Mitsuki’s hands.
    We gods of Heaven have started project to save soul of humankind from 2012..
    God who guides you is central member of this project.
    Project needs to inform humankind widely.
    So we gods of Heaven ordered Mitsuki to make H.P. of our project.

    There are no idea of Mitsuki.
    All contents are from gods of Heaven.
    Please read our message.
    Do your mission.
    Time has come you should do your mission in this life.


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