Updated: We Need Your Help! Car is Broken Down…

Update: We are no longer asking for contributions for our vehicle, as we were fortunate to be loaned money for the repair from a close relative. We appreciate the love and support so many of you sent our way!

Hey friends, we could use some help & some positivity sent our way! Amidst working a dayjob and continuing to write and make content for the blogs, I just found out that the struts need replaced in our car. It’s going to cost anywhere from $550 to $600. 😳 This is no chump change, so today, we are scrambling to figure out what we can do.

Obviously, I need a vehicle so I can get to work. If anyone who enjoys my writings & posts are in a position to help out, it would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve considered making a GoFundMe, but for now, you can contribute via PayPal by sending a donation to wesremal@yahoo.com. Contributions can be made from your bank as long as you have a PayPal account.

If you can’t help out financially, we would love some prayers & good vibes! I hate making these posts, but right now, we don’t have many other options. We don’t live lavishly, and I’m happy to just work my dayjob and write in the evenings. I wouldn’t ask for help if we didn’t need it.

Thanks in advance! Much love 🙂


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