I Don’t Believe in Defeat

via Positive Thoughts

There is no difficulty you cannot overcome.  A wise and philosophical man once said to me, when asked how he overcame his difficulties, “How do I get through a trouble? Well, first I try to go around it, and if I can’t go around it, I try to get under it, and if I can’t get under it, I try to go over it, and if I can’t get over it, I just plow right through it.”  Then he added, “God and I plow right through it.”

An effective method for making your mind positive in character is to eliminate certain expressions of thought and speech which we may call the “little negatives.”

These negatives clutter up the average person’s conversation, and while each one is seemingly unimportant in itself, the total effect is to condition the mind negatively. 

When this thought of “little negatives” first occurred to me, I began to analyze my own conversational habits and was shocked by what I found.  I was making such statements as, “I’m afraid I’ll be late,” or “I wonder if I’ll have a flat tire,” or “I don’t think I can do that.”

These are “little negatives” to be sure, and a big thought is of course more powerful than a little one.  But it must never be forgotten that “mighty oaks from little acorns grow,” and if many “little negatives” clutter up your conversation, they are bound to seep into your mind.  It is surprising how they accumulate in force, and before you know it, they will grow into “big negatives.”  So I determined to root those “little negatives” out of my conversation.  I found that the best way to eliminate them was deliberately to say a positive word about everything.  When you keep asserting that things are going to work out well, good results do occur.

On a roadside billboard I saw an advertisement of a certain brand of motor oil.  The slogan read, “A clean engine always delivers power.”  So will a mind free of negatives.  Therefore flush out your thoughts, give yourself a clean mental engine, remembering that a clean mind, even as a clean engine, always delivers power.

So to overcome your obstacles and live the “I don’t believe in defeat” philosophy, cultivate a positive-idea pattern.  What we do with obstacles is directly determined by our mental attitude.  Most of our obstacles are mental in character.

“Ah,” you may object, “mine are not mental, mine are real.”

Perhaps so, but your attitude toward them is mental.  What you think about your obstacles largely determines what you do about them.  Form the mental attitude that you cannot remove an obstacle and you will not remove it.  But when your mind becomes convinced that you can do something about difficulties, astonishing results will begin to happen.  All of a sudden you discover that you have the power you would never acknowledge.

Norman Vincent Peale


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