The Recovery of Our Collective Will to End Hunger and Poverty


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’m shifting my view now from the recovery of my own will to the recovery of our collective will.

Collective will for what? To end hunger and poverty on the planet for a starter. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

When I shift my view, certain things come up right away.

One of the things I see is that we seem to engage in some very common social patterns of behavior which suppress our normal and natural exercise of will.

The minute we try to change another person against their will, criticize an action they plan to take, try to force our opinion or wishes on them, etc., we’re making it cost them to exercise their free will and suppressing their joyful engagement with it.

I’m coming to see that it’s normal and natural to have control over one’s own free will.  To suppress ourselves or bend to the rule of another is abnormal and unnatural, except where our action might bring harm to others.

Suzanne Lie’s Shelia talked about people who were into “power over others.” (1) Uniquely this generation is coming to see that power over others, which we’ve practiced at mundane as well as global levels (ask any woman), doesn’t work. The universal law of free will ensures that a house built on a foundation of power over others will not stand.

If we were to generate collective will by choosing a scapegoat for all our troubles (Jews, Muslims, socialists, etc.), the house we build will not stand. Hitler’s example is surely history’s fullest and clearest illustration of this.

The use of force on an international level would not be tolerated if our leaders were honest. But we tolerate the mundane use of force – manipulation, pressure, criticism – in our relationships.

I don’t think we can build the kind of collective will, under those circumstances, that will eliminate hunger and poverty from the Earth.

As I watched the World War 2 videos in convalescence, I watched the attempt of the regimes founded on force (Germany, Italy, and Japan) to take over the world and it failed as, I believe, all such attempts will. Nation states were not meant to rule the world. I don’t think any one state could do it or would be permitted to do it.

The most forceful were never meant to enslave the least forceful. And only now, under the influence of the waves of love and inspired teachings we’re receiving, are we as a world coming to see it.

So how do we recover our collective will? Our collective will is built out of billions of individual wills. Without being forced or manipulated, we as individuals must find our own determined will and apply it to the task at hand: to create an equitable and peaceful world.

We are the change we want to see and transforming our own selves so that we find our loving will is what will make the shift in collective will happen.

It certainly helps to be handed the means to end hunger and poverty through the Reval, when it comes. That does a lot for the will.  Now we need to take the process the next step.

After everyone has had a decent rest and vacation, and after they’ve set up their organizations, if they have one, I’d like to see us come together in a lightworker roundtable. Our work will be to explore financial cooperation to end hunger and poverty on Planet Earth.

So I’m just letting you know that that’s where I’m headed. Not ready to go further with it than that just yet, but I’m putting it out there.

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