The Witness Effect

img_5791jack's corner new picBy Jean Rockefeller, Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

Heart Consciousness

April was a powerful and transitional month for Gaia and many of you were also affected. Emotions and physical symptoms may have surfaced that were foreign and remained until the end of the month.

Some of you may have experienced major changes in your external life and I encourage you to be fluid as you move into a more blessed time as you have been severed from aspects of your old and heavier reality.

We All are moving to higher ground and what had been built previously, (meaning the circumstances and life lessons that one incarnated with) must be completely deconstructed and rebuilt on a new foundation. A foundation and dwelling which is free from the limiting energies that one has been bound throughout their lifetimes.

With the help of planet Mercury, our attention is now drawn inward. The energy changes that we witnessed in April are now being pulled into our beings and this integration process will continue for some time.

Last month was critical for many reasons but most notably, time lines were being closed as new ones were simultaneously opening. Going forward, there will continue to be disruptions in the perceived space/time continuum. Bearing in mind that linear time is an illusion, this will become more evident to the conscious mind.

As many seek balance amidst the onslaught of new energies that continue to reach us, interruptions continue to pierce the current reality veil. Lost snippets of times, mental fog and deja vu may result.

Additionally, eruptions of energies connected to painful events in world history are now taking place as old energies that have been buried deep within the Earth are surfacing for release and healing. During April, those who were assisting on behalf of Gaia to release trapped energies would have had a difficult month. I am referring to animals and humans.

As a result, you may now find yourself in a state of perceived limbo, a place of stasis, with the inability to move as you are in the space between timelines. Although anxiety may be occurring with your present situation and you may be experiencing unpleasant events from multiple circumstances, is not the time to be frozen in fear.

You now have the opportunity to choose where you desire to go and how you are to proceed. You can now release yourself from that which is not supporting your highest and most beneficial path of evolution. If you are between the lines, you can choose which path to take. Lower emotions, such as fear, will prolong the transition.

Your Heart Consciousness will always choose the higher road and once accepted, despite protest by your ego, the energy is unlikely to be turned away. You can however, inhibit the experience and make it much more difficult than it has to be. Merely by pulling your awareness into your Heart, fear will fall away. You cannot exist in your Heart Consciousness simultaneously with egoic fear.

An important aspect of the evolutionary process is for humanity to remember that she is a heart centered being. One must work to remember that important fact and work towards being in higher frequencies.

Learning to pull your mind out of the lower vibrations and into the higher frequencies of the Heart Consciousness. This is a learning and remembering process and it requires practice. It is not difficult or arduous but will require effort, dedication and repetition until mastered.

The Witness Effect

Until recently, much of the work that the Watchers engaged in occurred behind the scenes, away from prying eyes. However, now our work requires human witness in order to validate and energize our participation. This was the reason I requested a RSVP for the Global Healing Event Welcoming the Divine Feminine. To complete the explanation and understanding, an analogy applies here:

Jean is thinking of Schrodinger’s Cat and that certainly is applicable but a more common analogy can be applied.


If a tree falls in the woods and no human is there to see it fall, does it really fall?

However, when a human witnesses the fall of a tree, the experience is viscerally recorded within the cellular memory and consciousness of the witness and can thereby be shared with others. The occurrence will then be validated, witnessed, recorded and automatically shared within the Collective Human Consciousness.

The Human Witness Effect is now coming to the surface of our work as humanity begins to take on a more active role in their evolution. It is now time for humanity to acknowledge the vital role that the Nature is playing in the current times and You are a witness to our efforts.

Sophie’s Choice

Allow me to share some insight that I had recently that led to a revelation regarding the Watchers and the Witness Effect…

sophie_the_watcherThis lovely Lady is Sophie and she has carried a tremendous load alone for many years. She lives in Indiana, at an assisted living community with her elderly caretakers.

Christie, the daughter of Sophie’s caretakers, contacted me for a session with her. Honestly, I just thought it was going to be another session with an animal but how wrong I was.

As often happens, I will become aware that I am connected and working with a client several hours before the official session time. In Sophie’s case, I awoke the morning of the session emotionally distraught.

As the morning progressed I became more and more despondent and emotional. This has happened before and a walk or run in a local park usually does the trick to release the energy and get my head in the game but not this time. I couldn’t stop crying to the point that I was hyperventilating.

As I walked in the park, I asked the majestic trees to assist in releasing the emotional energy but I only became more upset. I begged Gaia for helped and no relief came, in fact my emotional state was escalating.

Desperately seeking relief, I drove to another park and sat by the lake there and bawled my eyes out. It seemed as though the emotional pain and sobbing would not stop. The emotions connected to the fear of death, loneliness, depression among others, continued to erupt and would not relent.

As the time drew very close to connect with Christie and Sophie, I thought about cancelling our session but thankfully, and miraculously, about 15 minutes before the session, the emotions suddenly waned and I quickly drove home.

As I connected with Christie and Sophie, I became very aware that this cat had been clearing energy on her own. And because she had been doing this on her own, she had many physical ailments that one would not expect from a cat her age.

Put yourself in Sophie’s shoes:
She is a lone energy worker, disconnected from everything that could help her. She had only her own energy to offer and she lives within a place of immense heavy and dark emotional energy. Housed in the body of a cat but tasked with doing the work of 10 elephants.

Imagine the energy that exists within this place… The souls that were trapped by the heavy energy, unable or refusing to cross into the Light. The depression, the loneliness, the sadness that the end of days is here and so forth…

When Christie reached out to me on Sophie’s behalf, the Watchers connected to her and began to release the energy bondage. On the morning of our session, Christie and I were able to witness to the immense burden that this singular kitty had been carrying and it was crushing. I knew that Christie shared in the awe that I had both for Sophie and the work she had been doing.

I’m not sharing Sophie’s story to invoke negative feelings or for you to feel sorry for her because, believe me, Sophie is a powerful being. She agreed to her mission and found her way into her present circumstances with full awareness.

My animals remind me time and time again that they do not operate through their ego and how they experience pain, both emotional and physical is far different from us 2 legged beings. My intention is to bring your awareness to the immense duty that the animals, plants and minerals have undertaken largely unbeknownst to humanity. Their mission is to aid in the evolution of Gaia while serving the Greater Good.

By sharing Sophie’s story, I am asking you to consider, acknowledge and give thanks to all of the beings contained within Nature that have willingly taken on the tremendous task of Ascension. As my gallant cat William said to me recently, “Clearing energy on behalf of an entire planet is hard.” Most importantly, by acknowledging Nature’s participation, you are a witness to their efforts. A benefit that we all are sharing.
Jack, In Summation:

By bearing witness to the work of the Watchers you are, in fact, immediately disseminating the burden of energy work that we have undertaken. As with Sophie, you need not interfere to affect change, you need only bare witness to our efforts to affect change. Acknowledgement and awareness of our participation and efforts is very powerful and for now, is all we need.

Our goal is autonomy for all of the Nature but as with everything, a process must be maintained. Linear steps will affect change and ‘witnessing’ is but one step that will allow the Watchers and the Nature to continue to work side by side with humanity to support the Evolution and Ascension of Gaia.

Jean and I are immensely grateful to All whom have supported us and our work. We, the Watchers and the Nature, are now asking for you to consciously acknowledge our participation in the process of evolution and service for the Greater Good. As you bear witness to us, you empower us and we, in turn, extend that empowerment to All.

Jack, the Watcher and Jean

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One comment

  1. I was so delighted to see that you have reposted “The Witness Effect”. I have been following this blog
    since it was started. The “Watchers” have been helping us behind the scene for eons… they
    appreciate our ‘witness’ to their work. Blessed be the animal, mineral, water, air, and all of Nature for
    their assistance in the Ascension of Humanity and Mother Earth.


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