How To Get Unstuck & Start Living Your Soul Purpose


By Danielle Fagan, Collective Evolution

We all know we should be following our hearts, living our soul purpose, and seizing the day. But most people make a few “Carpe diem” posts on Facebook, get something similar tattooed somewhere, and call it a day. Few actually take the time to follow their hearts, make each moment count, and truly live by this motto.

If we know this advice is tried, tested, and true, and that if we follow it, our lives will transform, then why don’t we do it? Here’s a few reasons why we don’t do these simple things that work:

We Think Following Our Heart Is Hard…

We really have only two options: We make decisions based on what our heart truly wants for us, or we don’t (for various reasons).

For those who know what they actually want to do with their lives, sometimes the biggest block to following through with that desire is the belief that it will be difficult.

And it can be.

But NOT following your heart is also hard.

Let’s say you want to leave the corporate world and completely change your career.

Taking the leap will be challenging

but not taking the leap and living every day denying the truth is challenging too — arguably more so.

Both paths are challenging ones, so isn’t it worth the extra effort to do what you actually want to do, instead of working so hard to do what you don’t want to do?

We Don’t Actually Know What We Want To Do

When we don’t know what we want to do with our lives or even on a daily basis, we feel lost. If this is something that you feel, you’re not alone.

Feeling lost is normal. Not stopping for directions is not.

If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, take the time to find out. If you don’t, you could be heading in a direction that you really don’t want to be in, and the longer you go without asking for directions, the further off you might end up.

We Don’t Know Where To Go

We need to always have a destination in mind. When we don’t set goals for ourselves, our lives get sidetracked and we can end up very unhappy and find that we’ve wasted a lot of time. When we don’t own our time, someone else will.

Think about the days you spend at home. If you don’t set a checklist, how do you know how productive you’ve been? How do you know how much you still want to accomplish? How do you know whether you can afford to give away your time to someone else’s demands?

There is something to be said about spontaneity and going with the flow, but when we consistently do not set goals for ourselves, others will set them for us.

So sit down and ask yourself seriously, “What do I want to do today? Where do I want to be in a year from now?” And be honest with yourself.

Every single day work towards those goals.

We Have Emotional Resistance

When we feel guilty or afraid of following our passions we create blocks for ourselves. It’s completely normal to feeleBook - Danielle Fagan, Living Light (300 x 250) afraid of leaving your comfort zone and pursuing something new. What isn’t healthy is when we let that fear keep us from doing what we know we need to do.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed by fear:

EVERYONE feels fear. You are normal.

Think about it this way: the fear is ALWAYS worse than the thing itself.

When we fear something, we recreate the experience over and over again. It’s like telling ourselves a scary made up story over and over. It’s like a form of self-torture.

Just because we fear it, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Most fears are unfounded.

When we work through our emotional resistance, discover our true desires, and set goals, we naturally seize the day. When we are inspired and passionate about something, no one needs to remind us to do it. When we are excited about our vision, we find the time for it.

Although it does take some personal development work to get into a space where we seize the day, it’s worth it. You will start living a life that is authentic and feels good to you, and that is powerful.

Do you feel uncertain or confused when you think about your soul purpose? Or are you already living your purpose but feel stuck?

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