Steve Beckow: The Challenges that Sacred Partners Can Face and Why They’re Important – Part 1/2

Sacred unions 55Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Perhaps no generation in thousands of years has seen the rise of so many passionate sacred unions at one time as this one has and will.

I’ve been told that many people were born today with soul contracts to enter into twin-flame unions and sacred partnerships as a way of furthering the Mother’s Plan for the rise of unitive consciousness, culminating in Ascension.

Not only are they intended to model sacred union, but their energetic influence is said to be considerable.

I’m sure that many, and perhaps most, twin-flame and sacred-union partnerships will fulfill their mission to radiate love and harmony out into the world.

And, as a contribution to that outcome, I’d like to look at some predictable difficulties that can arise so that new sacred partners can know about them beforehand, not be panicked if they occur, and find ways through them to fulfillment.

Let’s begin by looking at where the sacred unions of today fit into the Divine Plan.

Archangel Michael has said that the Mother is proceeding by having us bond with our sacred selves first, then with sacred partners, and then with others in steadily-expanding circles until oneness or unitive consciousness prevails on the planet.

“The first union is with your sacred self, adhering, embracing, and, yes, celebrating the totality of your being. Acknowledging it, reveling in it, and allowing it to expand even further is the first step. …

“It is happening in terms of unions of friendships, of groups, of what we would call sacred partnerships or sacred unions. Even family members are beginning to recognize one another. But strangers across the lands, across the continents, are realizing, ‘I need to be working. I need to be talking. I need to be playing. I need to be in a form of relationship with that person, or with that group of people.’

“This is only going to intensify.” (1)

The Mother has said:

“The plan has always been one of union and reunion.  …

“It begins small and it continues to expand out. It is really a very simple plan. My plan is for the entire group of humanity to fall in love. … And it begins two by two.” (2)

Those of us who work for the success of the Plan have an interest in looking at how to make sacred unions work. Let’s look at some predictable obstacles here.

When two partners come together, the passion that arises may eclipse any relationship they’ve had before.  But when the passion subsides, as it probably does in all relationships after a time (the so-called “honeymoon period”), fear can set in.

According to interesting discussions on Youtube, (3)  when the passion begins to ebb, the partners can develop a fear that they’ll lose the tremendous love-bond they have. That can lead some to want to either control the other or else cave in and cater to their desires so they’ll stay.

What can result from this disappointing loss of passion is that one partner may run.  Apparently this is a more common pattern than we may think. The running partner may do so out of a fear of losing love, losing control or being swallowed up.

I myself am a runner and I know my pattern. If I reach a level of frustration over an issue that I can’t tolerate,  I feel fear, worry and irritation and create distance. If the frustration goes higher, I  suggest that it may be time for me to bow out.  And if it goes even further, I may actually run.

The largest part is my fear that I won’t be able to complete my mission as a writer. If I can’t do my work, that’s when the runner really rises in me.

The runner may be welcomed back. And run again. This pattern may repeat itself. Theirs may become an on again/off again relationship. That’s the bad news of running.

The good news is that the first loss by the two of their sacred relationship may wake them both up. They may now be ready to respond to each other with balance, wisdom, and maturity, having paid a heavy price once and not wanting to pay it again.

I have no doubt that the experience of passionate love is a foretaste of the higher life. But we have to know how to navigate these waters.

The pitfalls I’ve written about here may disappear in the Tsunami of Love. I don’t know. They’ll certainly be corrected in and by Ascension.  But the times can still be difficult in this intervening period. We’d all like to see us lose as few sacred partners as possible, which makes consdering this subject important.

Tomorrow we’ll look at another obstacle: seeking love where it’s not.


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