Brian, the Dragon: Self-Realization


Hi everyone,

I just got back from a skiing trip which was amazing but also very tiring so I didn’t expect to do a channeling, but this just came to me and I guess I shouldn’t keep it to myself.


There have been people throughout your current history (set of the parallel realities you collectively view as “past”) that have seemed to have capabilities far beyond that of other people. We use the term “person” since these people were not always human or completely human, but that is not very important. There are many legends surrounding these people. Ignoring all the legends, what was it like being these people?

Our answer was that it was often much like it is for you all being yourselves at this present time. Often times, these beings had latent abilities that they realized and activated. These stories were often embellished to improve the quality of the epic story. Humanity loves the epic story perhaps above most other things. Each life is in essence an epic story, in a sense. However, these epic stories are embellished to make them exceedingly entertaining. As such, most of these characters in history you have heard of: be it Zeus, Hercules, Hermes, Achilles, Odin, Quetzcoatl, Myrddin, Thoth, Buddha, “Jesus” have been presented with a certain level of distortion due to embellishment. What is often missed is that these individuals had to some degree activated some capabilities that every single person on Earth, be they human or otherwise, possesses.

Furthermore, you all at this very moment more than perhaps any other time in history, collectively have these latent capabilities brimming, starting to come to the surface, held back by energies but pushing to come out.

You need not concern yourselves too much with when that will happen because it will. Don’t push yourselves too hard or judge yourselves against these historical characters for it seeming to take you longer to do a certain thing. For the energy right now is different and you are doing different things and it is appropriate for what is appropriate. Do what is natural. If you feel like practicing some ability naturally, then do it. If you feel it isn’t necessary and you don’t care to, then don’t.

We have said multiple times, this ascension is a group thing. Yes, you will all go through your own personal experiences, your own learnings, and your own challenges, euphorias, and progress. However, you cannot view your own “quest” independently of everyone else’s and there are energy influences that you cannot separate yourselves from completely and still participate in this experience (of course, participation is not required).

Even though it is not important to most of you, we should say you will be highly celebrated for accomplishing so much and sacrificing so much for it, even though you cannot even see at this point what you have accomplished in “your future”. We see the potentials and are very pleased by them. We tell this because we intend to encourage you versus make your heads any larger. Your craniums are already very large, indeed, pun intended. 🙂

With love, The dragon

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