Judith K. Moore: The Codes of Light for the Galactic Time Shift Initiates the Formulas for the Living Earth


JKM 11-20-12 The Codes of Light for the Galactic Time Shift Initiates the Formulas for the Living Earth

Judith in Denver and Sean in Salmon Arm 5:30 am PST

The Galactic Time Lords are telling me that there is a shift in the dimensions of time.

As we were speaking this morning I felt the connection to the Galactic Time Lords and the Laws of Time. We open now to the Infinite Wisdom of the Universal Oneness.

I heard the statement that there is a shift in the dimensions of time. With open hearts, for the highest and best for our understanding of these changing times, I open to receive any message from the Galactic Time Lords.

The dynamics of the synchronization of the time continuum affects the quality of movement of consciousness and energy through the planes, the movement of the consciousness and energy in the holographic realms.

The living hologram is comprised of fractals of conscious particles, microcosmos, Mandelbrot Sets of repetitive patterns of fractals of light that are synchronized through the power of Galactic One into a harmonic pattern that contain either the harmonic frequencies of Oneness or incongruent spaces in time that manifest as fractalline discordant patterns.

The fractalline discordant patterns are lenses for the manifestation of patterns and the overtones of the living hologram of Earth that manifest as incongruent reality out of synchronization with Galactic Source and universal Oneness.

The waves of Source energy are moving through the Galactic planes.

(This is not an easy transmission to translate into words. I can feel it coming into my brain. It is an advanced cosmic principle and my brain is having trouble making words out of it. That is why I am hesitating.)

There is a reorganization of the infinite structure of the time fractals in the Galactic hologram and the holographic microcosmic plane on the Earth. The Galactic doorways of time are synchronizing now. These days that you are approaching are most assuredly an experience of cosmic proportion that is incomprehensible to the human mind.

The very organization of the fractalline universe is altering, shifting the nature of reality and the capacity your mind has to interpret and translate light frequency patterns into perceptual reality and form a context — (my brain, holy cow) — for the living universe to form the Creation hologram of the New Living Earth.

Your heart is a holographic center with this power of Source Creation to find form in consciousness. Your entire body is a living hologram and the interpretive fields of the holographic mind are associated with vital energetics of the planet and your organ systems and the consciousness of your living body. The brain is a mechanism that coordinates the neural inputs. But the mind and the perception of the holographic reality is microcellular.

The majority of humanity has been numbed. The DNA, the holographic lens of each cellular microcosmic Mandelbrot set of fractalline dimensions have been numbed or disconnected from the Master circuit system which is the universal mind or the high Mind of God. It is the place where the human connects to the Source of Creation.

Through the tones and the harmonics, you, as a soul group, the Lens of Ibis, 131313, have connected to the greater holographic infusion of fractalline formulas for the Great Shift. Mostly naturally, as Lord Jesus referred to the faith of the mustard seed, it is that alchemical power that goes beyond any logical explanation that you may have for the power of faith.

There are humans on the planet now that are synchronized with the Galactic time shift. Your bodies are fields for Creation to manifest the harmonics of Universal Order in the planes of the levels and dimensions of time. You are living in an altered reality. Your every movement through time space is calibrated to the greater Galactic pattern, as you follow the synchronicities that guide you through this time of improbability and great shift of Ages of Ages.

You are each part of a formula that overlays the living hologram of the human experience, contingent on the capacity for the transference patterns of the galactic time shift to manifest through physical form. That physical form is your living body,your auric field and your psychic plane. Many of you are aware that you are multidimensional cosmic beings. That awareness expands the capacity for you, as a living being on Earth, to channel the vibration from the God Source, NOW.

It matters not what form this takes. It matters that it comes through your heart, and it matters that you follow your path of synchronized inner guidance, intuition by pure faith, because faith is the alchemical fuel of the living hologram at the new dynamics of time as you move into the most condensed and expansive, simultaneously expansive dimension of time that the planet has ever experienced. This must be repeated: the most condensed and expansive expression of time the planet has ever experienced.

Time has accelerated in fractals that are very compressed, very condensed, very powerful. Through a microsecond, universes can align with the galactic formulas and the galactic time spell that affects the very nature of the organization of creation on earth. The ceremonies that you will participate in from in these days of Oneness are fractalline expansions of expressions of Creation, and to be seen now throughout the Universe. If you could only view your realm, your earth from the universe, from the galactic plane, energy is visible, and your terrestrial brethren have witnessed great auroric bursts from your planet like the aurora borealis in a sense. That’s witnessed through – the only way it can be explained is how the like equipment observes you from the terrestrial planes of your star brethren, and literally the earth is bursting with auric light. Your body is a living hologram through which all of this is manifest.

Oh, geez, Sean, this is a lot for me for my neurological system. I’m okay, I’m okay, I just have to express it. To get my needs met, I have to say that this is like every cell in my body is vibrating. I can’t explain it. The whole thing is just like I’m on fire – not on fire, I don’t know. Okay, breathe, breathe, breathe.

The whales are the masters of the codes of light, the creation formulas. The whales and the dolphins are the species that are able to bring these in fractalline, microcosmic and quantum energy planes into harmonics. They project them to you, their whale family.

This is the time when the partnership between humans and whales is absolutely the key. And the dolphins create, because they are part of the creation codes, the dolphins are, the whales singing the harmonics of creation, and the dolphins’ minds are able to project the fractalline formulas to you. It’s all about love. It is truly about the love at the source of creation that has the power to alter reality and form. Something beautiful out of something that is meaningless and harmful. This is the miraculous assumption of the earth and nothing less than that.

As the Christ King could demonstrate this by living beyond probability of devastation. The purpose of this transmission is to enhance the integrative factors of this holographic phenomena. It is through your light that the patterns illuminate into manifest reality. And those of you who are serving in the adversities of extreme pressure, those of you who have entered the realms of the underworld as volunteers are champion now, for the light and the love you have brought there truly restores that which by all power of logic is unrepairable. And if you truly are the ones who are experiencing the apocalypse in either a microcosmic or in a major way directly and holding this space of love and faith, the service to Universal Oneness is ultimate.

To return to the origin of this message, the nature of time is altered. You are entering the time shift. The fractalline order of the universe is altered. The formulas for your planet and your capacity to perceive and transmit reality patterns is changed, and you are entering the most compressed and expanded and accelerated time continuum that the earth has ever experienced through the percentage of reality that is a physical reality. And those of you who are experiencing divine harmony and joy, you are the bridges for the new earth. Allow that joy to flow through your heart to every living being, especially those who are challenged now by the pressure of the apocalypse.

All is in synchronized order, and the perfect plan of Universal Oneness is flowing now to the ultimate expression of love.

(Oh, my God, Sean, oh, my God, my body, breathe, okay, okay, this is a long time since this has happened, but my body wants to shake, so much for my body, so powerful. Okay, okay, I can do this. Sorry, I am flopping around here a bit. Now I can see why they keep me on like under the veil and then all at once when it comes through it comes so powerfully.)

And then the response to that is because you are transmitting through the Graille, the living holographic vibration is a bridge of light, the key, the key, to the Lion’s grid, the key to the Isis and Osiris restoration of the living hologram.

Through transmitting the frequencies now, they are being transmitted through the Christ Beloved because of the Graille DNA. As a cosmic oracle, you are able to transmit these energies into the living hologram in the collective reality, the collective consciousness of humanity. This is the purpose of your service this moment, this moment. This is the purpose of your role as an Oracle. These fractalline formulas must go through the feminine vessel to be born of light and received already through the quantum mind, received already through the omni mind of the human god source through the god particle.

It is like birth, and as you birthed your children through dreams, they came to you in six dreams, and the 7th is this birth. The 7th dream you are aware of. In 1996, you were aware that every time you had a dream of birth, a child came, and the 7th dream is the baby girl that you dreamed of last night, the living Sophia. (Judith in tears). Even in your dreams, Judith, you held the new earth in your arms in the form of a little girl. It’s so beautiful, it’s so sweet, and this is the Mother’s heart that holds the world now, in an embrace of light.

And this is the miracle and the power of the living graille, and each of the soul group has their own spiritual calling as part of the living hologram, a mandala of light, you call the 131313. Give it birth now, give it birth, give it life through your hearts. You are the 131313 and you are birthing a world of peace,

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.




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