The Golden Age Daily ~ Fourth Quarter Game~Plan ~ This One’s In The Books!

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The Golden Age Daily

There are just under three months remaining until we reach the much prophesied and prepared for date of 21 December 2012. For many, it has seemed as though this approaching Divine Celestial Moment would never arrive but Spirit has ever so Lovingly and un-invasively nudged us forward. Every thought, word, and deed of Lightworker upon Lightworker is becoming manifest, shaping our Reality into the New Earth, The Golden Age of which we have so long been promised.

One need only go within for a few brief moments to feel the certainty surrounding our arrival in our New Home. As sports announcers often say going into the fourth quarter of a game with a clear winner…this one’s in the books!”

Politics, the failing financial system, the corporate controlled media, corporate greed, gmo foods, wars, religion, the powers that were, etc., etc. are all at the point of complete and total transformation and re-alignment with our New Divine Landscape. If you feel called to assist in actively ushering in a new, higher vibrational alternative to one of the many quickly fading duality based systems then by all means, heed the call! Be attentive to the ways in which Spirit is guiding you to assist. If that means focusing away from the chaos of transition and solely devoting your focus to anchoring in the ever increasing flow of Cosmic Energies flooding Our Dear Mother Gaia, then that is okay. If that means joining the front lines of the Occupy Movement nearest you then make it happen! We are All needed!

What is most needed of All Of Us, is to remain centered in out hearts, wherever that may lead us. From this vantage point we are able to stay attuned to the signal from Source, and from Gaia, beaming in and through us at every moment assuring us of our success. Daily grounding and connecting with Gaia, will assist us in remaining centered in the knowing of our Heart and releasing the final elements of that which we are choosing to leave behind. We must remain vigilant in our intentions of Personal And Planetary Ascension through and beyond the merging of timelines on 21 December 2012. Do not become distracted or dismayed as the Old way of life that draped your Beautiful Planet in illusion for millenia continues to rapidly disintegrate.

If we have truly released fear, doubt, worry, and all of the discordant energies we have devoted so much energy into transmuting, then we know as sure as the sun rises in the morning that we have finally arrived in our new home. Now we must come together through Spirit and design this new landscape in ways that will carry Gaia, Humanity, and the entirety of Our Galactic and Celestial Families ever deeper into the vastness and limitlessness of the Infinite Being of Source.

We’ve heard it many times before.

We’ll hear it many times again.

NOW is the moment we have been waiting for.

Infinite, Abundant Blessings,

The Golden Age Daily

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    • Hello Andre! 🙂

      It is wonderful to connect with you and I thank you for your wonderful website. 🙂 🙂 I would Love to increase connection between our blogs, dear friend! 🙂

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


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